A case study history and analysis of southwest airlines

They began with one simple notion: If you get your passengers to their destinations when they want to get there, on time, at the lowest possible fares, and make darn sure they have a good time doing it, people will fly your airline. And you know what?

A case study history and analysis of southwest airlines

Case Study — Southwest Airlines: Ann Rhoades, Vice President of People, needs to make some recommendations to the leadership team. What should she propose? What actions should senior management take to offset this threat from a people perspective? How does Southwest tamp down possible overconfidence as it grows?

How does it continue its so-far-effective people policies and management? What should be done about leadership succession in case legendary CEO-chairman-president Herb Kelleher keels over from one Wild Turkey too many?

Its main competitive advantage is its workforce. It leads on financial measures too.

Southwest Airlines Success : A Case Study Analysis | ASHUTOSH MUDULI - initiativeblog.com

Revenue continues to grow. Net income up dramatically in over Its passenger load factor is strong. Southwest can afford to invest in fighting off the competition. Continental just emerged from bankruptcy.

A case study history and analysis of southwest airlines

Its leader, Bob Ferguson, is known as a harsh taskmaster. There are other structural issues with Continental Lite too. And what about the horrid name? Broadly, Ann should propose: Keep the culture, while continuing to grow.

Keep the culture, even when bigger competitors such as Continental and United try to copy it. Keep the culture, even when leadership changes. Specifically, Ann could propose these tactics: Given the history of trust at Southwest, be candid and complete.

Develop a shared vision of the future. Draw on past history, i.

A case study history and analysis of southwest airlines

Identify specific operational and financial goals and metrics associated with the crusade which would be used to judge success and drive reward programs.

Develop a program budget for associated training, employee rewards and other incentives detailed below.South West Airlines Case Study History and Analysis South West Airlines Case Study Executive Summary Thousands of people travel by air; Southwest Airlines provides low-fare air transportation service among 58 cities in the United States.

Although the industry suffered a major blow from the terrorist attack of September 11th, the company is still holding strong; while other airline companies %(4).

Case study/analysis on Southwest Airlines. This summative assessment accounts for 90% of your final grade and is based on a case. study of Southwest Airlines. The other 10% of your grade is accounted for by the end of unit. include a history of Southwest Airlines. OTHER AIRLINES SOUTHWEST AIRLINES Followed hub and spoke model Followed the point to point Model OTHER SOUTHWEST Luxurious travel with lot of in-flight complementary services Cheap, convenient and in-flight entertainment.

Southwest Airlines Success: A Case Study Analysis. The key objective of this paper is to highlight the strategies of Southwest airlines that facilitated it to produce a successful model in.

Southwest Airlines Case Analysis Problem As a fledgling operation, how does a startup company compete within an established market in terms of price, performance and promotion Issues On February 1, Braniff airlines announced a half-price “Get Acquainted Sale” . Southwest Airlines Case Analysis Southwest Airlines: A Case Analysis ORGANIZATIONAL ANALYSIS It is evident that the greatest strength that Southwest Airlines has is its financial stability.

As known in the US airline industry, Southwest is one of those airlines who are consistently earning profits despite the problems the industry is facing.

Southwest Airlines Success : A Case Study Analysis | ASHUTOSH MUDULI - initiativeblog.com