A highlight of the description and characteristics of cinnamon

It has been prized for its medicinal properties for thousands of years.

A highlight of the description and characteristics of cinnamon

Main curative properties of cinnamon Traditional uses of cinnamon History of cinnamon The use of cinnamon as a medicinal plant is very old. The ancient Egyptians knew it well, as is apparent in the drawings found in the pyramids.

It was imported from China years BC. People used cinnamon, along with other spices, mainly for embalming their mummies.

A highlight of the description and characteristics of cinnamon

In Greece and Rome it was frequently used to improve digestion. It is believed that this species, along with pepper and cardamom, were the first to be used in the Mediterranean area.

The geographer and historian Herodotus BC mentions in his writings the use of this spice from Ceylon Cinnamomum zeylanicum and that of Chinese cinnamon Cinnamomum cassia. The Romans used cinnamon in their important ceremonies. It is said that Nero burned all the cinnamon in Rome at the funeral of his wife in the year 65 BC.

Cinnamon is documented several times in the Bible, in the books of Exodus and Proverbs. In the East the use of this spice is much earlier. In China is documented in the year BC. In India as a medicinal plant, its use in Ayurvedic medicine is ancient. The consumption of cinnamon in the West has always been restricted to the wealthier classes were the only ones who could afford the prohibitive price of this spice that was brought from remote places.

During the Middle Ages most of its sales was controlled by the Venetians and Genoese merchants that obtained through the Muslims who controlled the eastern routes. Cinnamon from Sri Lanka, ancient Ceylon or "island of spices" In the sixteenth century, the Portuguese discovered Ceylon now Sri Lanca and monitored its operation until the mid-seventeenth century when the trade was dominated by the Netherlands.

In the late eighteenth century, the British seized the island and expelled the Netherlands. In the nineteenth century began to be grown elsewhere in the world. This, together with the replacement of this species for other foods, like chocolate or coffee, gradually found the end of the monopoly of this product and other spices by any Western power and the end of what became known as the Trade of Spices.

The digestive properties of this plant are produced by essential oils which containg food-disgregating properties. Likewise, these oils are responsible for stimulating saliva and gastric juices to facilitate digestion. These virtues are used for the treatment of digestive abnormalities such as: Carminative properties of this spice is conferred by camphor.

This allows you to remedy the excessive gas or flatulence accumulated in the digestive tract. Infusion of a spoonful of crumbled stick cinnamon per liter of water.

Drink a pair of glasses per day Difficult digestions: Its components allow you to stimulate gastric acid and promote the breakdown of food which aids digestion.

Cinnamon is very suitable for abdominal cramps. Cinnamon is, at the same time, a good antacid against excessive acidity.

Sprinkle a little cinnamon on foods will help reduce it and feel better. The special aroma of cinnamon stimulates the digestion and whets the appetite; it is indicated for cases of lack of appetite or anorexia.

Infusion of a spoonful of cinnamon shredded per liter of water.

Brown Hair With Cinnamon Highlights Articles and Pictures . Cinnamon has recently been shown to act as a natural remedy for Arthritis pain. Home Remedy for Diabetes Research suggests that cinnamon may help treat Type 2 Diabetes by lowering blood sugar levels and increasing the amount of insulin production in the body.
Cinnamon Bark Saigon cinnamon, Vietnamese Cassia. But cheaper Cassia has made inroads and has come to dominate the market.
MOST IMPORTANT MEDICINAL PROPERTIES OF CINNAMON A Swedish kanelbulle A cinnamon roll consists of a rolled sheet of yeast-leavened dough onto which a cinnamon and sugar mixture and raisins or other ingredients in some cases is sprinkled over a thin coat of butter.
related stories The images also illustrate how to identify the real one.

Drink two glasses a day half hour before meals add a pinch of cinnamon on the food after cooking and before serving Vomits: Camphor provides cinnamon with antiemetic properties, ideal for the treatment of nausea or vomits.Cinnamon oil features golden-yellow color with the distinctive tint of cinnamon and very pungent, aromatic taste.

The pungent taste and scent in cinnamon spice are because of chemical compounds, cinnamic aldehyde, and cinnamaldehyde. While we think our Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Potato Bread tastes great right out of the bag, or simply toasted with butter, we’ve compiled some other delicious recipes that help highlight its great characteristics.

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Pure Cinnamon. Health Benefits. Cinnamon is a highly delicious spice. It has been prized for its medicinal properties for thousands of years.

Modern science has now confirmed what people have known for ages.

Brown Hair With Cinnamon Highlights Articles and Pictures .