American college movies

Sidesplitting, serious and downright silly — these college flicks have it all. Elizabeth Hoyt June 07, Sidesplitting, serious and downright silly — these college flicks have it all. Sure, they tend to exaggerated college life but they are, in fact, movies. Sit back, relax and enjoy the following list of 20 must see college films in no particular order:

American college movies

Oftentimes, sports seem like movies already, so the story is simply waiting to be told on the big screen. And college football has been known to produce a remarkable story or two.

The overall number of college football movies is small by comparison, but there's definitely some quality. Remember, these are college football-centric movies. As is customary, I'm going to start this list by completely breaking my own rule in the sentence above. But it's for a good reason. However, there are major college football elements woven into the plot -- from the NCAA enforcement arm to a bumbling high school coach that's supposed to be current Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze.

The best part of the movie is when Oher is recruited by a number of SEC coaches. The acting chops on some of them are surprisingly good, but then again, crootin is basically acting anyway.

Somehow, somebody convinced Kathy Bates to play Adam Sandler's mom in a movie co-starring Henry Winkler as a clueless, apprehensive football coach -- an actual anti-cool to his Arthur Fonzarelli -- for the fictional University of Louisiana.

It was a true casting Hail Mary.

?US Merchant Marine Academy

Oh, and there's an offensively stereotyped backwoods Louisiana assistant coach who sounds like Ed Orgeron on Novocaine. Sandler does his weird voices thing as a waterboy turned 5-star linebacker -- which, whatever -- and Rob Schneider provided a catch phrase "You can do it!

The movie had a couple of yuks. The plane crash that killed 37 members of the Marshall football team along with coaches and boosters is college football's single greatest tragedy.

American college movies

That the program was able to rebuild itself is miraculous. The story of that rebuilding process is definitely worth telling. But the movie itself is Matthew McConaughey -- who would make a great Dabo Swinney, by the way -- plays up the melodrama, and not in the good way.

Another another true college football story.

American college movies

The movie tackles more than just Davis' football career, as it intertwines more socially relevant topics like racism and discrimination within the sports arena and on college campuses. However, the very social issue the movie focuses on is also the source of the film's biggest criticism.

Namely, there's a historical inaccuracy involving a non-existent night game at West Virginia in Still, "The Express" is an overall solid movie of one of college football's pioneers.

The James Caan movie about the fictional ESU Timberwolves dives into more serious matters than football, including performance-enhancing drug use and the overall pressures of being a student-athlete at high levels of football. The whole thing is a little bit cliche as it touches on major points, but at least there was some depth to the numerous characters the plot followed.

I knew SMU cheated. A lot of people know SMU cheated.

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But, holy crap, SMU cheated. The jersey scene never happened. The crowd didn't chant. But Hollywood loves the underdog, even if college football doesn't. And, holy hell, Rudy took a lot of literal and figurative hits in this one. I spent most of the movie feeling genuinely bad for the guy despite knowing all that I know now.

This entertaining movie certainly stands on its own merit, but in the interest of full disclosure, I'm biased. The fictional Texas State Fightin' Armadillos -- not to be confused with the very real, modern day Texas State Bobcats -- wore North Texas green whatever shade that was at the time and game filming took place at Fouts Field in Denton an all-time dump.

This is one of ESPN's better 30 for 30 films.

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It's masterful storytelling by director Billy Corben of a program that is uniquely enigmatic. In the height of its success, Miami was entertaining as hell, cocky and hated by many. Even today, this movie is so full of rich history that it stands the test of time.

No sports movie list of any sort is complete without it. A truly iconic sports movie in every sense. Please check the opt-in box to acknowledge that you would like to subscribe.Your All American College Show (28) November 1, Competitors: Dapper Dans (Mike Gallup, Don Lindstrom, Mahlon Schanzenbach, and Doug Strawn) - Barbershop Quartet; Daniel Donahoe - Trumpeter; Sue Eldred - Folk Singer; Charlene Piasecki - Pop Singer.

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