An assessment on the philippine mining

Sample of Goods brought via Manila Galleon in Acapulco. The natives already had a great economy and were considered one of the economic centers in Asia when the Spanish colonized and unified the islands. Their economy grew even further when the Spanish government inaugurated the Manila Galleon trade system. Trading ships, settlers [36] and military reinforcements [37] made voyages once or twice per year across the Pacific Ocean from the port of Acapulco in Mexico to Manila in the Philippines.

An assessment on the philippine mining

Areas Closed to Mining Applications.

An assessment on the philippine mining

Applications for mineral contracts, concessions, and agreements shall not be allowed in the following: Mining contracts, agreements, and concessions approved before the effectivity of this Order shall continue to be valid, binding, and enforceable so long as they strictly comply with existing laws, rules, and regulations and the terms and conditions of the grant thereof.

For this purpose, review and monitoring of such compliance An assessment on the philippine mining be undertaken periodically.

Full Enforcement of Environmental Standards in Mining. The Government in general, and the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources DENR in particular, in coordination with concerned LGUs, shall ensure that environmental standards in mining, as prescribed by the various mining and environmental laws, rules, and regulations, shall be fully and strictly enforced, and appropriate sanctions meted out against violators thereof.

In line with the above, only those who are able to strictly comply with all the pertinent requirements shall be eligible for the grant of mining rights, pursuant to the applicable provisions of RA No. To ensure compliance with environmental standards, laws, rules and regulations, and to rationalize the management and utilization of minerals toward sustainable development, a multi-stakeholder team led by the DENR shall conduct a review of the performance of existing mining operations.

The said review shall be based on guidelines and parameters set forth in the specific mining contract or agreement and on other pertinent or applicable laws, rules and regulations, such as the Mining Act of and the Labor Code. Appropriate action shall be immediately taken against proven violators based on the findings and recommendations of the review.

No new mineral agreements shall be entered into until a legislation rationalizing existing revenue sharing schemes and mechanisms shall have taken effect. The grantees of such permits shall have the rights under the said laws, rules, and guidelines over the approved exploration area and shall be given the right of first option to develop and utilize the minerals in their respective exploration area upon the approval of the declaration of mining project feasibility and the effectivity of the said legislation.

The DENR shall likewise undertake a review of existing mining contracts and agreements for possible renegotiation of the terms and conditions of the same, which shall in all cases be mutually acceptable to the government and the mining contractor.

Establishment of Mineral Reservations. Potential and future mining areas with known strategic mineral reserves and resources shall be declared as Mineral Reservations for the development of strategic industries identified in the Philippine Development Plan and a National Industrialization Plan, pursuant to the pertinent provisions of RA No.

The grant of mining rights and mining tenements over areas with known and verified mineral resources and reserves, including those owned by the Government and all expired tenements, shall be undertaken through competitive public bidding.

The Mines and Geosciences Bureau MGB shall prepare the necessary competitive bid packages and formulate the proper guidelines and procedures to conduct the same, which shall include ensuring that the social acceptability of the proposed project has been secured. All other mining rights and tenements applications shall be processed and approved through existing procedures.

The MICC shall be co-chaired by the Chairpersons of the two 2 clusters and shall have the following additional members: Powers and Functions of the Council.

The Council shall have the following powers and functions: To improve and address issues on small-scale mining, the following measures shall be undertaken: LGUs shall confine themselves only to the imposition of reasonable limitations on mining activities conducted within their respective territorial jurisdictions that are consistent with national laws and regulations.

The DENR is hereby directed to establish an inter-agency one-stop shop for all mining related applications and processes within six 6 months from the effectivity of this Order.

In order to improve transparency, accountability, and governance in the sector, the government shall support and commit participation in the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative EITI.

The DENR is mandated to ensure that mechanisms are established to operationalize the EITI in the mining sector, in consultation and coordination with the mining industry and other concerned stakeholders. Creation of a Centralized Database for the Mining Industry.

The DENR is hereby directed to create a centralized database of all mining-related information. The database shall initially include all available data on the industry from all government agencies and instrumentalities.

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The database shall be publicly accessible, transparent, complete, and comprehensive. The database shall be created within six 6 months from the effectivity of this Order.

Current and existing efforts to create an integrated map system for the common and uniform use of all government agencies and instrumentalities shall include all mining-related maps, such as, but not limited, to mining tenement maps, geo-hazard and multi-hazard maps, ancestral lands and domains, and protected areas under the NIPAS, among others.

The maps in the system, including the mining-related maps, shall guide all planning and decision-making processes. Areas closed to mining operations, as provided for in Section 2 of this Order and in other pertinent laws, rules, and regulations, shall be clearly defined and delineated under the integrated map system.

Use of the Programmatic Environmental Impact Assessment. The necessary amendatory rules and regulations shall be issued for the implementation of this Section. All government agencies involved in the implementation of this Order are authorized to allocate from their existing funds such amounts as may be necessary for the budgetary requirements that may be needed to pursue the objectives of this Order, subject to the usual government accounting and auditing rules and regulations.Tetra Tech EM Inc.

Preliminary Site Assessment Executive Summary INTRODUCTION RATIONALE Mining is known to be a major industry in the Philippines . The Philippine Environment Impact Statement System and what it entails Projects in the Philippines that are likely to have considerable environmental impact are covered by a comprehensive legal and procedural framework that highlights public participation in .

on the Philippine mining industry and the communities affected by the Mining Act; and, field Mining has long been a major contributor to the Philippine economy.

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