Applichem case 2

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Applichem case 2

General Sales Conditions 1. Likewise it is understood that the buyer knows and accepts the present general sales conditions as regulating successive orders placed with PanReac AppliChem.

Any modification to the present conditions will only have validity if so convened in writing and by common agreement between Applichem case 2 AppliChem and the buyer, no clause or general sales condition included by the buyer in their documentation or correspondence being considered valid.

In the case that any or several of the stipulations of the present general sales conditions or that any others that modify or substitute them are annulled or become unable to be executed due to legal motives, the validity of the other stipulations will not be affected, and under all circumstances remain in force.

In the case of legal or extra judicial insolvency, declaration of bankruptcy or temporary receivership of the buyer as well as cases of total or partial non-compliance of the agreed terms, PanReac AppliChem reserves the right to terminate the contract without need for previous notice and with the possibility of claiming the corresponding indemnity for damages and prejudicial consequences.

Orders placed with PanReac AppliChem are not binding unless they contain the following details: On request, PanReac AppliChem can supply products or qualities in uncatalogued measures, and uncatalogued Applichem case 2 or qualities, whenever previously negotiated and agreed on by PanReac AppliChem.

Acceptance of the order must necessarily be made expressly and in writing. However, the order will be treated as accepted by PanReac AppliChem if it proceeds to process the corresponding application.

In any case it will be understood that the buyer recognizes and accepts the content of the present general sales conditions with the order fulfilment, likewise declaring that the buyer has been able to revise it with sufficient priority to give their total and complete acceptance.

In this last case, if in the term of 10 days the additional required information has not been provided, PanReac AppliChem may accept the order, processing the corresponding order according to available data, or reject it, remaining in both cases exempt of all responsibility.

Once the order has been processed and accepted expressly or tacitly according to the indicated terms, this will be absolute and legally binding for buyer and PanReac AppliChem, respectively, with cancellation not being possible for the Buyer after PanReac AppliChem has begun any of the procurement processes for raw materials, manufacture and availability of the product in our warehouses.

Prices and Payment conditions. As a general rule, unless otherwise stated, the prices established in the catalogues, website price lists and current offers are net sales prices, including standard containers and packaging.

Applichem case 2

The cost of non-standard containers or packaging will be charged separately. Prices, offers and price lists may vary. All taxes and duties shall be borne by the Buyer, in addition to the corresponding charges and encumbrances for sales and dispatch activity, Products subject to Special Taxes, and any other cost or expense unless expressly assumed by PanReac AppliChem pursuant to the terms of these conditions.

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PanReac AppliChem and the Purchaser will agree the payment terms for each order. Products will be payable in advance before shipment, except in case of special arrangement.

The products are made available to the buyer in the PanReac AppliChem warehouses, at which time they are deemed delivered to all the effects and purposes. Deliveries are made freight forward by the means the buyer indicates.

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If no means has been specified, PanReac AppliChem can choose the system or means of transport it considers the most ideal. If freight is paid by PanReac AppliChem, it may use the transport company of its choice.

PanReac AppliChem will not be held responsible for delays due to processing prescribed export licences or for restrictions to export, whatever its cause or origin. In any case, the buyer will be responsible for obtaining licences, permission, etc.

PanReac AppliChem reserves the vested property of the products delivered to the buyer while the latter has not credited the entirety of the amount of the corresponding invoice. Where the buyer has proceeded to resell or alter the products with respect to PanReac AppliChem attempting to exercise their right of domain reserve through payment pending, PanReac AppliChem may freely seize other goods used by the same buyer up to the corresponding amount owing in payment.

In freight forward deliveries within European territory, insurance must be contracted and is charged to the buyer.

In deliveries to other countries, the buyer must take out insurance, except where expressly requesting PanReac AppliChem in writing to include insurance in the invoice according to sale conditions agreed in each order as per Incoterms in force. The containers and packaging used by PanReac AppliChem are the most adequate for each product, complying in each case with current legislation, including dangerous goods transport homologation.

However, it is the responsibility of the buyer to check whether the containers comply to local product storage conditions along with any another local regulations with the object of ensuring their compliance to which PanReac AppliChem is committed.

The buyer, on their side, is responsible for inspecting the boxes on reception before sealing them with the conformity of the transport agency. The packaging and containers cannot be used for other purposes or for storing other products.

Applichem case 2

They shall be used exclusively for transporting goods supplied by PanReac AppliChem. Products subject to legal provisions are part of the PanReac AppliChem product supply program.

The buyer is liable for compliance with existing legislation in its country in relation to the inspected products. The buyer is obliged to check that the products supplied conform to the contracted characteristics and are adequate to the aims to which they will be applied.

The products are considered accepted and agreed upon by the buyer regarding quality and quantity except when, within a five-day maximum term from reception, the buyer notifies in writing of their non-acceptance, indicating the cause.

PanReac AppliChem will not accept product returns except when the products justifiably do not correspond to the characteristics contracted. In this case, in addition to the justification and technical argument, the buyer must indicate the manufacturing batch number that appears on the label and must send PanReac AppliChem one of the sealed containers from the same box together with the claim object.

Once the products object of return have been studied and checked by PanReac AppliChem, the latter will remit a detailed technical answer to the buyer, accepting or rejecting the claim presented.Applichem cost and analysis. Base case is Assume 35% of materials and other costs vary Base Scenario 1 Scenario 2 Scenario 3 Scenario 4 Scenario 5 Expected Costs Utilization Mexico 28% % % % % %.

Applichem case study solution - Only HQ academic writings provided by top professionals. Dissertations and essays at most attractive prices. commit your paper to . GSCM – Global Supply Chain Management Objective and Scope: Applichem was founded in Chicago, IL and they are a manufacturer of specialty chemicals.

The product referenced in this case, Release Ease, is a chemical that was developed to help release plastic from stainless steel moldings. Joe Spadaro, Vice President and Director of the Plastics Business, requested a study to be. Applichem Case 2 Words | 15 Pages. Executive Summary Applichem was a Chicago based manufacturer of the specialty chemicals mainly devised as solutions to specific customer’s problems.

Applichem Case. OM Supply Chain Modeling and Analysis Applichem • Produces Release-ease, a specialty chemical 2 formulations bulk shipments; 50 kg packages 7 products 50 kg packages 2 products 50 kg bags 2 products many ½ kg, 1 kg, etc., packages Sales Volume.

APPLICHEM. Case Analysis Presented to Professor D. Krishna Sundar Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore On December 20th, In Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements of the course.

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