Causes of the london riots

How riots spread Manchester Looters target shops and set cars ablaze in Salford, then move on to Machester city centre, Ed Thomas reports. Liverpool Violence flared in Liverpool overnight as hundreds of rioters marauded through the streets to the south of the city centre. Bristol Cars were set alight in the Stokes Croft and St Pauls areas of Bristol Birmingham Violence spreads to Birmingham, where looters take stock from an electrical store. Enfield A Sony distribution centre in north London is engulfed by flames as violence continues.

Causes of the london riots

What is the cause of the London Riots? But that is the first word, not the last.

Police caused London riots by ignoring Duggan family, says government crime adviser - Telegraph

Just Causes of the london riots it is impossible to have a baby without a pregnancy, so it is impossible to have a riot without a cause - or in this case, causes. The UK riots are the result of systemic failure, a product of many causative factors. They are human, so they are responsible, and have to face the consequences of their destructive actions.

Politicians are trying to fit it into their own categories: Conservatives are trying to pin it on "pure criminality". Criminality is involved, certainly, but as an effect, not as the sole cause.

We have to look deeper, at the wider picture. Riots are a social action, where many items are thrown into the melting pot, and lie there simmering, until a trigger event causes the pot to boil over.

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We know that the original Tottenham outburst was precipitated by the shooting by police of Mark Duggan. It seems he was carrying a replica handgun that had been modified to shoot, but that he was killed while it was still in its cover a sock, allegedly. This killing re-activated community memories of Cynthia Jarrett's death possibly form a heart attack caused by her son's arrest in the locality inwhich kicked off a riot in which PC Blakelock was beaten to death.

A peaceful deputation to protest against Mark Duggan's killing outside the police station was ignored by the police for several hours, and so turned into a riot, which triggered riots and disturbances in many other areas of London, Ealing, Wood Green, Clapham, Dalston and some other towns in the UK Liverpool, Birmingham, Leeds, Bristol.

Here is an interactive map of all known sites of trouble. What we can say for certain is that the riots are an expression of anger and alienation. The looting demonstrates a consumerist or possibly, to keep the academics happy, post-consumerist motive.

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They smashed because they could. They realised that with the police occupied elsewhere, their chances of getting caught were low. This is a false belief, built on the perception of "I" in a hostile or indifferent world, rather than "we" living in a world that sustains us, an environment that we should nurture and care for.

In short, alienation is a belief that can be expressed in the phrase "There is no such thing as society". The alienation has many causes. Sub-prime pararenting is undoubtedly one cause. Community breakdown is another.

The Gordon Riots of was a massive anti-Catholic protest in London against the Papists Act of , which was intended to reduce official discrimination against British Catholics. Lord George Gordon, head of the Protestant Association warned that the law would enable Catholics in the British Army to become a dangerous protest evolved into riots and widespread looting. What caused England's riots? The Campaign for Social Science is holding a conference to reflect on the causes of the riots over the summer, and to suggest ways forward London, has been to view. Jan 09,  · The widespread riots in were caused by the police reaction to Mark Duggan’s death, rather than the shooting itself, a government crime adviser has claimed.

So we have a gulf between aspiration and probability. This gap leads to depression and resentment. This culture needs to change.


There may be an underlying loss of respect to the extent that there was any respect previously for authority because of the cumulative effect of the banking crisis, the MP expenses scandal, and the News International scandal, in which the Metropolitan Police are implicated.

The rioters are multiracial, but in that Afro-Caribbeans are involved, their experience is relevant. Darcus Howe has been emphasising the resentment of young black kids who are continually harrassed by cops who stop and search them.This is a card sort activity to think about and rank the causes of the London Riots in August /4(2).

Causes of the london riots

Parents who failed to put their children to bed on time are accused of causing London riots. By Laura Clark for the Daily Mail Updated: EDT, 31 January The Causes of the Black Riots in the s Essay Words | 13 Pages.

Causes of the london riots

The Causes of the Black Riots in the s Throughout the s many riots involving black people and other minority groups took place in the Eastern States of America. Aug 09,  · The riots are criminal and thug behaviour with no political purpose.

But that is the first word, not the last.

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Just as it is impossible to have a baby without a pregnancy, so it is impossible to have a riot without a cause - or in this case, causes.

The following is a list of riots and protests involving violent disorder that have occurred in London. The England riots, more widely known as the London Riots were a series of riots between the 6th of August and 11 August , when thousands of people rioted in cities and towns across England, saw looting, arson, and mass deployment of police, and resulted in the deaths of five people.

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