Chinese handwriting app for android

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Chinese handwriting app for android

S Note is a built-in app in almost all Samsung mobile phones and tablets that are lately released by the company.

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Since Samsung mobile phones and tablets allow the users to use stylus, the new S Note helps them take real-time notes by using the screen of the device as a paper. In other words, Samsung mobile phones and tablets can be considered one of the best alternatives to physical paper and pen when using S Note.

S Note offers many features such as using the stylus to write handwritten notes, write the formula symbols, draw arithmetic symbols using the stylus and use them for calculations, etc.

chinese handwriting app for android

These features make the Samsung devices attractive, feature enriched, and very easy-to-use. In addition to this, users can also enable Handwriting-to-Text feature that automatically recognizes the handwritten characters and convert them to the typed texts.

By default, Handwriting-to-Text option is disabled in S Note, and every time users scribble their stylus on the screen of their Samsung devices, the handwritten characters appear.

In order to convert the handwritten characters to the text, the feature must be enabled manually. Below is the process that would help you enable the Handwriting-to-Text option in the S Note: On your Samsung smartphone or tablet, tap the app drawer icon.

Tap the S Note icon to initiate the app. On the Select a template window, choose the template of your choice from the displayed list by tapping on it. Once created, long tap tap and hold the Formula Match icon, i.

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From the displayed options, tab Handwriting-to-Text icon, i. T, to select it. You will see that now you can use the stylus to create handwritten characters on the page which are then automatically converted to the text.

In order to get the normal handwritten typing format back, you can simply tap the pen icon from the Productivity Tools bar. Can't find your answer?Aug 14,  · Google Handwriting Input - Chinese and English Handwriting input with HTC Desire Android phone For those smart phones .

Jan 13,  · Features of Handwriting Functions: * Make input Chinese characters easy by enabling hand writing mode on the writing board * The handwriting now only supports traditional and simplified Chinese * Hand writing function automatically identifies both simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese * High and fast recognition rate/5(K).

Apr 15,  · Besides their voice and favorite keyboards, Android users using Android and up can now also simply use good old-fashioned handwriting to input text into any Android app. Quickstart guide to setting up Chinese handwriting input and display language packs in Microsoft Windows 8, for simplified and traditional Chinese characters.

Google Android Chinese; Windows 8 Chinese Handwriting Setup and Display Language Packs.

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The application not only has a lookup function for Chinese characters, words and idioms (including pinyin, pronunciation, interpretation, and strokes) as an ordinary dictionary, but also lets users practice writing Chinese characters, review and memorize contents anytime, anywhere/5().

Download Chinese handwriting input apps for Android. Reviews, screenshots and comments about Chinese handwriting input apps like Google Pinyin Input, Pleco Explore "chinese handwriting input" SEARCH TYPE; Android apps. (IME) optimized for typing Chinese on Android. The app.

Pleco Software – The #1 Chinese dictionary app for iOS and Android