Compassion in medicine essay

What makes you an excellent candidate for medical school?

Compassion in medicine essay

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First think about what attributes you have that will allow you to effectively deal with diverse people. Consider communication, empathy, leadership as possible traits to discuss.

Next, think back to an experiences during which you interacted with cultures other than your own. Perhaps you worked with homeless or underprivileged communities during undergrad.

Was there a time during which you had to stand up for someone whom you might not otherwise interact with? Perhaps you spent an extended time abroad and learned a new language or culture.

Use an anecdote to discuss the physician role as educator and advocate for the patient. This is a large responsibility for a doctor, to use their knowledge and resources to empower their patients and help them better themselves.

Profession Overview

Be sure to reflect on how these experiences influenced your beliefs and values, and try to connect this to how you view the role of the physician. You might discuss the humanity of patients, and how they are people first. Brainstorm your personal attributes and experiences which fit with this honor code.

Be sure to specifically address at least most if not all of the components: The key is to not repeat your primary application.

Compassion in medicine essay

Consider choosing anecdotes from your experiences you have previously listed. Specific experiences will be stronger than general assertions about your strengths. Describe any circumstances indicative of some hardship, such as, but not limited to, financial difficulties, personal or family illness, a medical condition, a death in the immediate family or educational disadvantage.

Do not leave blank.

Compassion in medicine essay

If not applicable, please so indicate. The character limit on this essay is Choose this experience wisely. When discussing the hardship, be sure that the wording does not make you sound like a victim, as this can reflect poorly. If talking about personal or family hardship, describe how it was a challenge but focus on what it taught you and how you overcame it.

If choosing an interpersonal dispute, be sure to paint it in an objective manner without maligning the other person or negatively depicting yourself. Focus on the positive outcome. The lesson learned is key. List the area or areas of medicine that appeals to you and briefly explain. Limit your explanation to 50 words or characters for each area of interest you list.

Identify a few components of medical practice which specifically interest you and explain why they do.

Consider adding in how you see yourself practicing that portion of medicine in the future. Here are some broad aspects of medicine which you can discuss: Med School Insiders does not guarantee the accuracy of the information on this page.Mar 18,  · compassion essay; I feel as though compassion is a very questionable About Me.

Mina Going to Italy in January to study! Cal Poly student View my complete profile. Simple theme. Theme images by luoman. Advancements in medical technology have given rise to medicalization, a process where ‘non-medical’ problems have become understood and treated as ‘medical’ issues.

1 This potentially objectifies humans, leading to “deindividuation” 2, where doctors identify patients by their disease or procedure. Technology and medicine essay meaning.

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problem of the society essay drugs essay about mothers and daughter home thesis dissertation format quantitative book. In this Stanford Medicine Unplugged post, medical student Steven Zhang reflects on the importance of remembering that a patient is more than their "numbers." In this Stanford Medicine Unplugged post, medical student Steven Zhang reflects on the importance of remembering that a patient is more than.

Nov 05,  · It’s compassion, or better still, compassionate doctors. Before you stop reading, don’t make the mistake of confusing compassion with pity or commiseration. Compassion isn't a single, sympathetic utterance, but is rather made up of presence and .

Compassion fatigue in nursing and how it relates to home health nurses. Introduction Compassion fatigue is the psychological, spiritual, and bodily exhaustion of nurses, especially those that provide care to patients suffering from high levels of physical and emotional pain (Anewalt, ).

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