Cost of war on terror for

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Cost of war on terror for

Cost of war on terror for

Watson's study of the costs associated with the wars comes as a separate congressionally-mandated report warns the US military "might struggle to win, or perhaps lose, a war against China or Russian Federation".

It was published on Wednesday. Almost 7, United States military personnel have been killed in the wars and more than 53, have been listed as wounded, according to the report. USA officials assert that the attacks were carried out by 19 al-Qaeda terrorists but many experts have raised questions about the official account.

In earlythe USA invaded Iraq under the pretext that the regime of Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction. But the Taliban seem stronger than ever in Afghanistan, Al Qaeda and its affiliates are active across multiple continents, and the USA is also still fighting against the Islamic State group.

No such weapons, however, were ever found in Iraq. In addition, these operations "have been accompanied by violations of human rights and civil libertiesin the USA and overseas". The report explained that the tally of the counts and estimates of direct deaths caused by war violence does not include the more thandeaths from the war in Syria.

For example, the report noted that the Department of Veterans Affairs will be responsible for serving more than 4.

The study acknowledged that the actual death toll is likely higher. The report said a total offatalities - including those among United States military and other allied troops, civilians, opposition forces and others - occurred in Afghanistan between October and October.

The figure also included the 6, American fatalities. The rest of the casualties were militants, according to the report.3 days ago · A new study by Brown University has found that the post 9/11 wars have, when all totaled up, cost an estimated $ trillion (and counting) as interest on the borrowed money continues to accrue.

Our counters show the costs of the United States’ war on terrorism since September 11, Counters reflect costs estimated by the Costs of War project at Brown University.

Cost of National Security: Counting How Much the U.S. Spends Per Hour

Last updated March 19, The Vietnam War is estimated to have cost $ billion, while the Korean War cost $ billion. Even in terms of noncombat government expenditures, Crawford's multitrillion-dollar price tag is daunting. The War on Terror cost more than $ trillion. Here are details on what was spent each year, what happened, and its effect.

The US will have spent nearly $6 trillion on the war on terror by October , a new report says, as the human cost of the war continues rising. Sep 11,  · The Vietnam War is estimated to have cost $ billion, while the Korean War cost $ billion.

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