Current and future trends in cee

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Current and future trends in cee

Littered with global examples, EFMA have been running an awards program with Accenture for a few years now, to recognise global banking innovation.

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Data Monetization Banks are recognising that their data analytics can leverage market opportunity, for example NedBank in South Africa offering merchants far more business insights through market intelligence services.

Customers are willing to pay for this, and the banks that offer such services are more sticky. Many banks are engaging customers in crowd sourcing ideas, with Widiba Italy picked as a great example.

Current and future trends in cee

Widiba asked customers to design the features of the next generation bank which have now been delivered. US Bank offers a link to light bulbs to flash you when something is happening on your account whilst Bradesco offers a connection between your car and your bank account.

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Distributed Payments How about banking as a status symbol? Hmmm … just seems to me that I can pay for something with just the flick of finger these days. Talking Transactions We used to have boring transactional statements, but many banks are bringing transactions alive by integrating features and apps with other plug and play services, like Google Maps, Facebook and Instagram.

Those concerns can be overcome by partnering with the new mentors like Funding Circle or by doing things like the Kumsal services from Deniz Bank, Turkey.

Current And Future Trends Of Emergency Eye Wash Station Market – Finance Exchange

This is a platform that supports small businesses gain digital reach by offering a comprehensive suite of support from digital marketing to communications to operations to an overall online presence.

The fact is that we now have a fully enabled digital customer platform where back office cloud and analytics can deliver real-time experiences through APIs anywhere, anytime. Both focus upon innovation and both give the most awards to two countries: Turkey, Italy and Poland.

A near fourth place is Spain with nominations. You may say that this is because these are the banks that enter these awards, but you would be wrong. It is because these banks are launching new, mobile first services, based upon fit for purpose back office systems implemented in the last few years.

Unfortunately, most US, UK and large banks of developed economises look positively straight jacketed by comparison.“At the Hotel Trends Poland & CEE conference we will talk about current and future trends and an outlook for the hospitality market for the coming years, and discuss key market developments.

Every year the list of confirmed guests features renowned, international experts, making it a high-profile event. Trends and opportunities in a changing industry Technological, regulatory, and competitive forces lead utility executives to believe their companies will look very different in the next three, five, or 10 years.

KPMG bietet ein breites Angebot an Studien und Analysen zu den Trends und Branchenentwicklungen der Wachstumsmärkte. Hier finden Sie Informationen zu den verfügbaren Veröffentlichungen und können die einzelnen Publikationen bestellen oder direkt online abrufen.

Fixed: the relatively low fixed broadband household penetration in CEE means that there is potential for an increased number of connections and revenue growth Fixed: the number of households with broadband connections will increase in all countries in CEE thanks to a better economic outlook and more NGA investments The Future of Finance is Here!

Future Digital Finance Forum gathers the pioneers and decision makers to discuss the opportunities and challenges caused by digitalization and disruption in the industry. Hotel Trends Poland&CEE is an unique, two-day event for hotel industry, which brings together in one place all the decision-makers of hotel industry in Poland – owners, boards of operating companies, hotels managers, representatives of development companies and investment funds, as well as leading suppliers of products and services for the hospitality and tourism.

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