Dbq essay on the industrial revolution

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Dbq essay on the industrial revolution

Hire Writer This could be attacked on the one ground, though. Even though this novel is from the years of children workers, it was not necessarily written by someone that had experienced it themselves. Therefore, it could have fault in the subjects written in in. Additionally, many of the jobs the children workers had to perform were dangerous on many levels.

From a report of deaths in the year58 children under the age of 13 and 60 children from the ages of died from accidents inside of the mines. Those deaths reveal the dangers that children faced while working in the mines.

There were countless causes of these deaths, including falling down the mine shafts and gas explosions, all brought upon by the lack of safer working conditions.

Lastly, the children were taken to work in the factories and mines at a very young age. In an testimony by Robert Owen, he tells of what he found out after purchasing an establishment that was previously owned.

Dbq essay on the industrial revolution

Most of the time, if they were even able to attend a school, they made slow progress due to the amount of hours they worked and the consequences of that. This displays some of the harm that comes from taking such small children to work in such a hostile environment.

Totally, the mistreatment, dangerous jobs, and the young age of the workers all serve as proof that the conditions in the mills were unquestionably harsh. Coupled with the harsh working conditions, children in the mills were also confronted with poor treatment.

First off, the condition of the food given to the workers was inadequate. For two meals a day, they ate oatcake, which was thick and coarse, paired with a potato pie for dinner, which was said to be barely edible.

Although they did get three meals a day, they thought that was insufficient compared to the amount of hours they worked each day. This first-hand account illustrates some of the real-life aspects of living in the mills. The only way they were able to eat the nauseating food they were given is because they were so hungry from the work that they did, they were willing to eat anything.

This could be in a position to be ridiculed, still, because it can be said that these were not the worst eating conditions out there. It could have been worse for people outside of the mills and they should be thankful for what they were getting.

Following the quality of the food, the workers also had strict rules upon them during the workday. In a letter by George Courtauld inhe says that the workers were constantly supervised by someone during their work with full attention. He recalls, also, that the workers had to maintain complete silence during the day to help their concentration and to keep order.

Dbq essay on the industrial revolution

This demonstrates the complete control the owners of the mills and mines had on their employees. They were treated as part of the machine they worked on and denied numerous simple comforts.Essay on Industrial Revolution. Industrial Revolution – A step to new era The Industrial Revolution, which took place from the 18th to 19th centuries, was a period during which predominantly agrarian, rural societies in Europe and America became industrial and urban.

Industrial Revolution (DBQ) The Industrial Revolution had a positive and negative affect on the new world. Bringing many new inventions, factories, and transportation.

The Industrial Revolution Dbq This Essay The Industrial Revolution Dbq and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on initiativeblog.com Autor: review • December 2, • Essay • Words (4 Pages) • 1, Views4/4(1). Productivity began a steep climb.

By most Englishmen were laboring in industrial towns and Great Britain had become the workshop of the world. From Britain the Industrial Revolution spread gradually throughout Europe and to the United States.

The most important of the changes that the Industrial Revolution improved were: /5(1). The Industrial revolution allowed products to be mass produced but caused a great grief in the working class during this time period.

There were many positive and negative effects of the Industrial Revolution. Essay on mothers as influence macbeth essay words uni bibliothek kiel dissertation meaning writing hypothesis research paper the milgram experiment essay regency introductions to essays collected essay in philosophy gustavo adolfo becquer rima xi analysis essay smart words to put in an essay loose change documentary analysis essay natalie.

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