Declare your research interests and questions

The Developmental Disconnect in Choosing a Major: Ideally, a major will leave a student academically successful, as well as fulfill academic, personal, and vocational goals. College and university administrators have begun implementing various types of institutional resources to assist undecided students when choosing a major, but all students are likely underprepared when choosing a major. Therefore, due to the potential positive or negative impact the choice of major can have on the student experience, it is imperative for institutions to delay major choice until the second year, when students are more developmentally ready and educationally prepared to make an effective choice.

Declare your research interests and questions

Examples to guide the wording for PPI statements Data sharing We require a data sharing statement for all research papers.

Declare your research interests and questions

For papers that do not report a trial, we do not require that the authors agree to share the data, just that they say whether they will. For reports of clinical trials, we ask that the authors commit to making the relevant anonymised patient level data available on reasonable request see editorial.

This policy applies to any research article that reports the main endpoints of a randomised controlled trial of one or more drugs or medical devices in current use, whether or not the trial was funded by industry.

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As for "reasonable request," The BMJ is not in a position to adjudicate, but we will expect requesters to submit a protocol for their re-analysis to the authors and to commit to making their results public. We will encourage those requesting data to send a rapid response to thebmj.

If the request is refused we will ask the authors of the paper to explain why. If the data sharing plan changes after registration this should be reflected in the statement submitted and published with the manuscript, and updated in the registry record.

We encourage authors of all research articles in The BMJ to link their articles to the raw data from their studies. For clinical trials, we require data sharing on request as a minimum and- if authors of such trials are willing to go further and share the data openly, so much the better.

The BMJ has partnered with the Dryad digital repository datadryad. Data requesters should do the following: Our role is limited to making the request process public, and all correspondence related to the request may be made public through rapid responses to the paper.

To ensure this, we aim to appraise the ethical aspects of any submitted work that involves human participants, whatever descriptive label is given to that work including research, audit, and sometimes debate.

This policy also applies on the very rare occasions that we publish work done with animal participants. Transparency statement Please include in your manuscript a transparency declaration: The BMJ is committed to making the editorial process transparent and ethical. Role of the funding source Please include in the manuscript a statement giving the details of all sources of funding for the study.

As appropriate, the statement must include a description of the role of the study sponsor s or funder sif any, in the study design; in the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data; in the writing of the report; and in the decision to submit the article for publication.

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In addition, the statement must confirm the independence of researchers from funders and that all authors, external and internal, had full access to all of the data including statistical reports and tables in the study and can take responsibility for the integrity of the data and the accuracy of the data analysis is also required.

If you are submitting an original article reporting an industry sponsored clinical trial, postmarketing study, or other observational study please follow the guidelines on good publication practice GPP2 and on properly reporting the role of professional medical writers.

The BMJ will not consider for publication any study that is partly or wholly funded by the tobacco industry, as explained in this editorial. Patient and Public Involvement statement Within the Methods section of your paper, please state if and how patients and the public were involved in the research you are describing.

Declare your research interests and questions

For more information, please see the specific guidance on mandatory reporting of patient and public involvement above.In short: A thrilling experience with lots of suspense.

Long (Complete story): I was selected in the online aptitude test and hence called for the Interview round, which was to be held 2 days after I was informed about my interview. Types of Articles Research Articles should not exceed words.

They should be divided into Abstract, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion and Acknowledgments. The manuscript may be accompanied by supplementary data files, as described below.

Imagine nutrition labels for safe products, energy independent buildings, and happy employees. We offer transparency platforms to help you communicate your commitment to a healthier world to your customers and employees. Make sure your SOP has your future plans and goals listed.

“How to Write about Your Research Interests” is taken from our free guide, Get Your Game On: Prepping for Your Grad School Application. Nov 30,  · To declare an interest would have been a rather unusual thing to do.

A lot of senior people did have consultancies and normally declared them only when asked. It doesn't mean that the people involved were dishonest. You must also declare relevant interests of your immediate family members (see definition below) and, if you are aware of it, relevant interests of other parties with whom you have substantial common have you or has your research unit received support from a Type of interest, question number and category (e.g., Intellectual Property 4.a.

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