Essay question peter the great

At this time, Russia was dealing with rapid expansion, yet it was still a very backwards country compared to the rest of Europe. Russia was also dealing with economic woes. Peter loathed this backward condition and devised a plan. Within ten years of gaining power, he began to travel through western Europe in search of skilled workers.

Essay question peter the great

He shared power with his brother frombut when Ivan died inPeter was officially declared Sovereign of all Russia.

During his reign the Russian military increased from around 30, men into aboutmen inand that included the newly formed navy. He completely changed the government into a bureaucratic state with its capital in St. Peter also changed the calendar to the same style used in most of Europe.

He paid special attention to the development of science. He was a famous and skillful diplomat and a talented military leader. Russia eventually won the war with the signing of the Treaty of Nystadt in Although Russia had really won the war in at the battle of Poltava, Sweden continued to fight because of support from France and Britain.

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The results of the war made Russia the most powerful country in Northern Europe, and the undisputed master of the Baltic Sea. The Great Northern War also, and more importantly, made Peter know throughout Europe as a powerful, successful, and ultimately Western style leader of a respected nation.Read this essay on Peter the Great.

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Essay question peter the great

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Essay question peter the great

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