Exploratory writing assignments

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Exploratory writing assignments

Sample Assignment Sequence Exploratory Essay: To identify a technology that presents an intriguing question, one that students can investigate in a variety of ways for the entire semester.

The essay will serve to pose their question, through personal observations and stories and through consideration of one of the essays.

Read two of the following Presence of Others essays on science and technology, most likely Rifkin, Oppenheimer, J. The focus of this entire unit is to get students to raise questions instead of jumping to answers, to become invested in an inquiry into technology that will last a semester—and not get old.

The primary evidence will come from their own experiences and observations, but students will be expected to consider part of one essay as well.

exploratory writing assignments

Introduction to the unit. This could also alter the choice of essays assigned from Presence. Students can share and respond to ideas in Blackboard.

Exploratory Questions: Types Tweet What is an Exploratory Essay? An exploratory essay gives the writer the privilege to explore while writing.

As a way of introducing these essays, students could be introduced to the art of skimming for a purpose: Read essay in technology unit probably Wilson.

Respond by making a journal response in Blackboard. Students are introduced to some processes of generating language: First, in groups of three, students reflect on the possible meaning of each of their stories in Blackboard.

Then the groups share their discoveries with the class, always moving in the direction of finding questions.

What is an Exploratory Essay?

This process will probably need to be modeled by the instructor. Discuss Wilson essay first to capture the general argument and evidence, then consider the questions it explicitly or implicitly raises. Students read another essay in the technology unit, this time of their choice and respond 1 by summarizing in words or less and 2 using double-entry journal technique in Blackboard, especially using it to raise questions.

The key to this day is to transform experience into wondering, not answers. Ultimately, this entire essay may become the introduction to the final essay of the term Day 3.

This involves figuring out what is critical to include and articulating the concise, even elegant way. Write another nonfiction story or detailed observation that makes your technology question more compelling or that alters it some.

Instructor models how students can read the new story in relation to the original story as a way of complicating the question being asked, or complicating the way the question is being asked.

Then students work in pairs or groups of three. Write first draft of exploratory essay, including Works Cited page and metatext.No idea how to write an exploratory essay? Check out an exploratory essay outline and exploratory essay examples.

Exploratory Essay: Sample Assignment Sequence – Resources for First-Year Writing

For more ideas, browse 50 exploratory essay topics. In exploratory writing, you don’t need to have a clear thesis statement. and improved collaboration on group projects and assignments.

Body. English-W Curriculum Guide: Writing Program Home. Writing Program Course Information Overview of the Assignment. Exploratory essays are common when writers want to delve into a topic they do not know much about what want to learn further about. Design in-class writing activities that allow students to plumb what they .

How Are They Unique?

The steps involved in writing an exploratory paper Develop a standard outline, refer to the Outline Formatbelow for help. Read and re-read all of the articles and Summary – Analysis – Response paper. The exploratory essay writing forms an important and significant part of the essay assignments.

Teachers and professors consider exploratory essay writing a crucial part of the learning process. Many people consider that exploratory essays are similar to argumentative essay writing. Unlike individual short writing assignments, logbooks compile student writing throughout an assignment, a unit, or semester and, like portfolios, allow students to see .

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