Goodner brothers inc internal control issues

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Goodner brothers inc internal control issues

Tokyo, Japan Page Content I am very pleased and honored to have the opportunity to visit Japan and to discuss the importance of proper accounting oversight with you this afternoon. Both Japan and the United States depend for their prosperity on free and transparent securities markets.

The efficient operation of those markets rests on the financial information that companies provide to the public. Accountants are critical to maintaining that confidence.

Goodner brothers inc internal control issues

As a result of a series of financial reporting scandals in the late s, the U. I would also like to suggest some of the lessons that we have learned and some of the challenges we still face. Many other countries, including Japan, have also rethought how they oversee accountants. Of course, each country needs to adapt its oversight system to its unique needs and traditions.

However, I hope that our colleagues in other countries will find the U.


Before I begin, I should note that the views I express are solely my own, and not necessarily those of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, its other members, or the staff. Congress, by a nearly unanimous vote, enacted the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

I want to start with a brief review of some of the factors that caused the legislation. It has always been recognized in the United States that auditors have important obligations to the investing Goodner brothers inc internal control issues.

Many of the financial reporting failures that led to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act seemed to suggest that auditors had forgotten their obligations to the public. Most auditors and most accounting firms performed their work responsibly and professionally.

But, during the early part of this decade, there were a series of high-profile financial reporting failures involving major companies and a large number of restatements of audited financial reports. As a result, billions of dollars in market value disappeared. Investor losses caused a public outcry.

First, audit firms placed increased emphasis on performing consulting services for audit clients. In many cases, clients were paying their auditors more for consulting than for the financial statement audit. As a result, the business risks to the firm of angering the client if there was a disagreement about an accounting issue during the audit became extremely high.

Second, there was downward pressure on auditing fees. Accounting firms faced considerable pressure to keep the audit fees low. Companies began to view the audit opinion as merely another commodity to be purchased as cheaply as possible.

Third, firms placed increased reliance on cost efficient auditing. The tactic of using the audit to gain access to additional, non-audit work, coupled with the difficulty in raising audit fees, meant that the costs of auditing had to be controlled.

That led to less emphasis on traditional substantive testing. As I mentioned a moment ago, the U. Congress responded to declining public confidence by passing the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. The law made four fundamental changes in the relationship between auditors and public companies.

First, the Board has some features and responsibilities of a government regulatory agency, but it is not part of the U. Instead, the Board is a private, non-profit corporation.

As a result, we have more flexibility in hiring and decision-making processes than does a government agency.

But, the Board is under the close oversight of a U. The Board is not a membership organization of accountants.

Goodner brothers inc internal control issues

In fact, the law provides that no more than two of the five Board members may be accountants. It is also not a self-regulatory organization like the stock exchanges.

The funds needed to operate the Board come mainly from fees charged to public companies, based on their market capitalization. Peer review did not look at audits that were the subject of litigation or investigation. In contrast, we have a full-time staff of experienced auditors to conduct our inspections.

We are able to attract very talented people because Congress authorized us to offer pay and benefits that are competitive with the firms we inspect. Further, the Board uses a risk-based approach to selecting audits for review. This means that we look at the engagements in which the firm faced difficult auditing and accounting issues.

We also focus on internal management — that is, how the firm seeks to maintain audit quality and professionalism in its practice.

At the end of each inspection, the Board must issue a public report.The tenth edition of Knapp's CONTEMPORARY AUDITING utilizes real-world cases to highlight the work environment of auditors. Using real-world examples and poi. Case Goodner Brothers, Inc.(Internal Control) Yang Menyakitkan Aktualitas Pemuda Olahraga kegiatan Major problems are identified in the areas of public institutions and the macroeconomic environment, however.

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