How to write architecture project description template

Supporting Hierarchical Locking Before explaining the different lock modes in the Berkeley DB conflict matrix, let's talk about how the locking subsystem supports hierarchical locking.

How to write architecture project description template

Common layers[ edit ] In a logical multilayered architecture for an information system with an object-oriented designthe following four are the most common: UI layer, view layer, presentation tier in multitier architecture Business layer a.

It's also sometimes called the "low-level business layer" or the "business services layer". This layer is very general and can be used in several application tiers e. In other words, the other kind of technical services are not always explicitly thought of as part of any particular layer.

Every layer can exist without the layers above it, and requires the layers below it to function.

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Another common view is that layers do not always strictly depend on only the adjacent layer below. For example, in a relaxed layered system as opposed to a strict layered system a layer can also depend on all the layers below it. Three-tier architecture is a client—server software architecture pattern in which the user interface presentationfunctional process logic "business rules"computer data storage and data access are developed and maintained as independent modulesmost often on separate platforms.

Apart from the usual advantages of modular software with well-defined interfaces, the three-tier architecture is intended to allow any of the three tiers to be upgraded or replaced independently in response to changes in requirements or technology.

For example, a change of operating system in the presentation tier would only affect the user interface code.

how to write architecture project description template

Typically, the user interface runs on a desktop PC or workstation and uses a standard graphical user interfacefunctional process logic that may consist of one or more separate modules running on a workstation or application serverand an RDBMS on a database server or mainframe that contains the computer data storage logic.

The middle tier may be multitiered itself in which case the overall architecture is called an "n-tier architecture". Presentation tier This is the topmost level of the application. The presentation tier displays information related to such services as browsing merchandise, purchasing and shopping cart contents.

In simple terms, it is a layer which users can access directly such as a web page, or an operating system's GUI. Data tier The data tier includes the data persistence mechanisms database servers, file shares, etc.

The data access layer should provide an API to the application tier that exposes methods of managing the stored data without exposing or creating dependencies on the data storage mechanisms. Avoiding dependencies on the storage mechanisms allows for updates or changes without the application tier clients being affected by or even aware of the change.

As with the separation of any tier, there are costs for implementation and often costs to performance in exchange for improved scalability and maintainability. Web development usage[ edit ] In the web development field, three-tier is often used to refer to websitescommonly electronic commerce websites, which are built using three tiers: A front-end web server serving static content, and potentially some cached dynamic content.

In web-based application, front end is the content rendered by the browser. The content may be static or generated dynamically. A middle dynamic content processing and generation level application server e.

A back-end database or data storecomprising both data sets and the database management system software that manages and provides access to the data. Other considerations[ edit ] Data transfer between tiers is part of the architecture.

Often middleware is used to connect the separate tiers. Separate tiers often but not necessarily run on separate physical servers, and each tier may itself run on a cluster. Traceability[ edit ] The end-to-end traceability of data flows through n-tier systems is a challenging task which becomes more important when systems increase in complexity.

The Application Response Measurement defines concepts and APIs for measuring performance and correlating transactions between tiers.

Generally, the term "tiers" is used to describe physical distribution of components of a system on separate servers, computers, or networks processing nodes. A three-tier architecture then will have three processing nodes. The term "layers" refer to a logical grouping of components which may or may not be physically located on one processing node.Therefore the project description can be considered an integral part of the PhD-training, i.e.

it is kind of an introduction on how to write a project proposal. The project description shall be written in cooperation with the supervisors. Statement of Work Definition. A Statement of Work is a document used in project and contract management.

It covers the working agreement between two parties: the client, buyer, or government entity, and the agency, vendor, or contractor.

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how to write architecture project description template

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