How to write piano music

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How to write piano music

Background Purpose, level and focus of the Piano Essay The capstone for all doctoral degrees is a substantial research project or composition.

For piano students, this is the Doctoral Piano Essay. Piano students propose and write an essay of ca. The doctoral piano essay should be carried out at the highest level. It should build on the work you have done in the major field and be relevant to that field's repertory, pedagogy, history or practice.

You should submit an application for graduation no later than the beginning of the semester in which you plan to graduate. Click here for dates and information. Piano students enroll in 1 credit of M Doctoral Piano Essay at some point before graduation. Guidance of the Doctoral Piano Essay The doctoral piano essay is guided and read by a three person Research Committee, ordinarily made up of the major-field members of How to write piano music student's Advisory Committee.

The research committee nomination is part of the topic proposal process. These committee members ensure that the essay is relevant to the field and that it speaks to its scholars and practitioners.

One major-field member of the committee typically your teacher serves as chair, and one member of the committee serves as research director. Especially for the role of research director, students are encouraged to enlist a faculty member with expertise in the subject.

The same faculty member may serve as both chair and research director, but this is not required. Steps to Completing the Piano Essay Step 1: Topic Proposal Propose a topic for your piano essay in which you outline your research for approval by a proposed research committee.

Detailed instructions for the topic proposal are provided here. Some students begin this process while still completing coursework. Others wait until they have started preparing for or taking their qualifying exams.

The topic must be approved before a date for the major field written qualifying exam can be scheduled. The approval time for the topic proposal can be weeks, not counting breaks. Conduct research and prepare written component Conducts research and prepare the essay.

The essay should be a minimum of 8, words roughly pages. It must include a bibliography and should include a work list and discography as appropriate to the essay. You are strongly encouraged to set up your essay according to the guidelines from the start.

You should ensure that the prose is edited for correct grammar, usage, and style before submitting drafts to your research director. While research directors can be expected to make editorial suggestions, correct occasional typographical errors, and so on, they should not be expected to work with poorly written or non-idiomatic English.

Some students begin the writing process while still completing coursework. Many get a lot done in parallel with preparing for qualifying exams. Most students do the bulk of the work after passing the oral qualifying exam.

Approval by research director When the research director is satisfied with your completed draft of the essay, the research director approves it for circulation to the rest of the research committee. Ask your research director to send an e-mail message to musdoc [at] indiana [dot] edu or a written note to the doctoral clerk in the music graduate office.

Depending on how closely you have been working with the research director during the writing process, the time the research director needs to review the essay and approve it for distribution to the research committee may range from a couple weeks to a month or two. Submit copies for research committee approval Submit your piano essay to the Music Graduate Office for distribution to the Research Committee.

You should ask each committee member whether they prefer a printed or electronic copy and submit a printed copy for each faculty member who prefers it in that form. You must also submit a copy to keep on file in the Music Graduate Office we encourage electronic submission for the office copy, but a printed copy will be accepted as well.

How to write piano music

The piano essay will not be distributed for the committee to review until all necessary copies have been submitted to the Music Graduate Office. Electronic copies must be submitted using the electronic submission form below: If we learn from a faculty member that they have not approved receiving an electronic copy, you will need to submit a printed copy and the 8-week review period for the entire committee will restart on the date the printed copy is distributed.

Music Graduate Office E. These copies do not need to be bound, but should be clearly separated. If you are submitting ONLY printed copies for committee members, remember to submit either a paper or electronic copy for the office.

We cannot distribute your piano essay to your committee until we have received an office copy.I'm currently undertaking the AMEB theory grades. I'm up to grade 4 and am working on different types of cadences but I STILL don't understand how "piano style" (the one with the bass note in the bass and the other 3 notes in the treble) cadences work, how to write them, or the general rules of them.

Claude Debussy: Piano Music () [Claude Debussy, Beveridge Webster] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This volume contains the complete music for solo piano written by Claude Debussy between and Beginning with Deux Arabesques ().

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Composers who are not organists are often asked to write for organ. Since most composers are familiar with the piano, and that instrument is superficially similar to the organ, sometimes the result is just piano music with whole notes in the pedals every measure. Learn to play or compose any song on a piano or keyboard, no sight-reading or sheet music knowledge required, with access to free sheet music.

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