Jamie woon mirrorwriting album

It is not something you can add artificially or create with a click of a mouse many have tried without succeeding. A perfect groove contains elements of human touch, something which makes the rhythm sound alive and draws the listener in — makes a smile on your face and forces you to nod your head or tap your foot to the beat. It is an essential element in popular music. There are some modern artists who have managed to capture a natural groove to their music.

Jamie woon mirrorwriting album

Boasting an immaculate voice and playful sense of melody, Woon makes evident his undeniable talents on this first collection of songs but cur Boasting an immaculate voice and playful sense of melody, Woon makes evident his undeniable talents on this first collection of songs but currently lacks the distinction to turn these songs into a truly sterling body of music.

Woon refines his songs to scatterings of glassy synths, vocal loops and soft electronic kicks to impressive effect.

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The two step shuffle of songs like 'Shoulda' and opening salvo 'Night Air' co-produced with Burial, I might add benefit from a low key approach that keeps instrumentation minimal and allows Woon's glottal tumblings plenty of space to maneuver.

Melodic lines that might otherwise have been transposed to other instruments are instead left to Woon to sing or hum, a tactic that lends the record intimate feel, as though the songs were plucked straight from the songwriter's imagination.

The rare occasions when other timbres enter the fray affirm the adage that absence makes the heart grow fonder - the staccato strings that sweep into the jittery bombast of 'Middle' halfway through are thrillingly unexpected. Each song carries its own well-crafted hook and impeccable delivery.

However, Mirrorwriting is a record that often feels unsure of itself.

jamie woon mirrorwriting album

There is enough evidence in the disparity between songs like the slick 'Spirals' and more leftfield excerpts such as the Prince-esque 'Echoes' to suggest an artist that, although ostensibly gifted, remains torn between his affection for dark, sonic experimenting and his natural penchant for more straight laced material.

On 'Middle', Woon weaves his soulful croons between repeating vocal chants and off-beat electronic bleeps, singing of how he is: This said, the record is greatly enjoyable and the singer has clearly produced a solid debut outing.

Where Woon will venture next will be interesting to watch.Find out at which radio station you can hear Jamie Woon - Shoulda.

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Shoulda from forthcoming album "Mirrorwriting: All rights reserved to Universal Music. Nov 16,  · Jamie Woon: Making Time Making time is the second studio album for Woon and it follows the dubstep-flavored debut album Mirrorwriting which was released in The debut lifted Woon to the category of “one of the leading soul singers of his generation”.

Lyrics to Jamie Woon Dedication: Nameless makers Who made it to the end Millions of marks on papers And credit in the wind But living on All I can say is Because of another Because of another Maybe I might dedicate my days and nights from now on To living an artist, album, track or genre.

Most Recent In News These are twelve pitch-perfect gems that combine forward-thinking production with beautifully crafted songs; a sonic support-system that frames and holds Woon's luminous voice in all the right places. It's intimate without being obvious, emotional without being syrupy and honest without being confessional, where the basic touchstones of human emotion get a fresh and soulful airing.
Jamie Woon on Amazon Music It doesn't try to be too flashy. It doesn't overdo it with the production.
Jamie Woon - Mirrorwriting (album review 3) | Sputnikmusic Ladyluck Show Review At first came pop music Then, a domestic invasion of his English idols
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31 de julio de - Publicado en initiativeblog.com Compra verificada. Love every single track on this CD! Jamie Woon is innovating & so fresh in his music. He has a unique voice & I am officially a big fan of his! 10 outa Leer initiativeblog.com: CD de audio.

jamie woon mirrorwriting album

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