Major career changes

Aries born April 11 to 20 Overview for this Month: November encourages you to focus on a good variety of life departments, dear Aries, and includes some important shifts.

Major career changes

Stacy Brown-Philpot, 36 First job: Pricewaterhouse-Coopers Second job: He started a personal project, writing his own history of the entire Western arts canon, from music to architecture. He Major career changes to conceive of software that might allow him to visualize the connections between artworks, but he lacked tech skills.

He taught himself programming.

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He wrote case studies for Innovations, a journal of international development founded by Phil Auerswald, a professor at George Mason University who was also a regular at the coffeehouse. Then it was off to Buenos Aires for a year, where he created an apprenticeship at an interactive media-arts lab called Estado Lateral.

In his Major career changes time, he traveled the country playing polo. But his essential experience—tacking swiftly from job to job and field to field, learning new skills all the while—resembles the pattern that increasingly defines our careers.

According to recent statistics, the median number of years a U. This decline in average job tenure is bigger than any economic cycle, bigger than any particular industry, bigger than differences in education levels, and bigger than differences in gender.

Statistically, the shortening of the job cycle has been driven by two factors.

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Shorter job tenure is associated with a new era of insecurity, volatility, and risk. All these changes put more pressure on the individual—to provide our own health care, bridge gaps in income with savings, manage our own retirement planning, and invest in our own education to keep skills marketable and up to date.

Hasler, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Today, Hasler is waiting tables at a high-end restaurant in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where his longtime girlfriend is finishing a PhD in psychology.

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He imagines combining his experience in international development, electronics, and programming to put the tools of big data in the hands of citizens. Marina Gorbis at the Institute for the Future would say that Hasler is practicing a smart strategy for the new world of work.

The institute, a Silicon Valley-based think tank, has been researching future work skills for a decade. Bureau of Labor Statistics can offer a false confidence. He demonstrates cross-cultural competency speaking fluent Spanish, living abroad and computational thinking learning programming and applying data to real-world problems.

The intellectual voracity that drove him to write 50, words on Western cultural history while running a coffee shop is a sign of sense making drawing deeper meaning from facts and excellent cognitive load management continuous learning and managing attention challenges.

Social and emotional intelligence is what humans are uniquely good at—at least for the next decade or two.

Even as individuals like Hasler are adapting to new career paradigms, so are large companies—but on a scale of tens of thousands of employees. But given her history, that will likely change by the end of the year. So she headed out to Stanford for her MBA and made an effort to position herself as someone whose business and accounting skills would be useful to the tech industry.

After a couple of years of getting acclimated to the search business, she moved on to direct sales and operations for more than 40 consumer products; then she did a stint as director of online sales in India for that all-important cross-cultural competency.

This set her up for her current position.

Major career changes

Yet even as Brown-Philpot rises through the management ranks, her spreadsheet and data background computational thinking, again is a badge of respect at an engineering-driven company. How do human-resource directors discriminate between the aimless or the difficult to work with and job hoppers on a mission?

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We want evidence of somebody who is growing. These are the very people who can lead companies toward new markets and ideas. They are good at one thing and they love what they do.

She attributed the brush-off in large part to her age. Trunk, the career consultant, agrees. The lack of respect for experience is a reality that older job seekers have to swallow, she says: She hopes her current job at a not-for-profit leads to yet another career.

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