My own performance ict unit 2

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My own performance ict unit 2


The information the management receives is related to what the management has asked for. For example on a printed report it may contain a lot of data you must be able to read the data without having to key it all in order to perform the calculation.

Researching for a reliable external source and employing external source to generate information. For example manufactures will look around to find a reliable source which could provide them cost efficient and reliable components to use on their systems.

You will have to know how much profit you have available and how much it costs the organisation to run per month. Using this information you could know the expected monthly total running then organisation and the profit the organisation is making. Relevant Information must be relevant to the appropriate subject, the questions must be appropriate to the subject you are questioning on.

There is no point in capturing information that is not relevant as this information will have nothing to do with the subject engaged in.

For example the department within the organisation must provide their management with the right level of information to improve the information.

Unit 2 - Task 2 - BTEC L3

From a sources in which the user has confidence To receive information the user will need to know how believable the source of information is. For example you are likely to believe a story that has been reported on the news, then reading the store on a website.

So the source in which you find the information must be believable to make interested in the topic. Information on Wikipedia are mainly factual however the website allows users to edit the information.

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The person who is handling personal information must register with the DPA and obey the eight principles. Freedom of information Act allows organisation access to official information. They have the right to ask for information from any public authority such as NHS, schools, colleges, the local government etc.

For example if an employee within an organisation has health issues, the organisation must contact the NHS to ask for information about the employee.

If the information is against the act the public authorities have the chose to refuse to provide them with the information they have asked for. Computer Misuse Act is an act that is designed to frame rules and control over computer crime and internet fraud. For example using others log in to access their account and installing virus to the computer, will destroy their files on the computer.

Ethical Issues Use of email harassing emails are usually banned, including spamming or sending large quantity of emails are banned from an organisation, however limited use of email for private purpose are sometimes allowed. Use of internet website that are inappropriate such as gambling website are usually banned within an organisation.

They are banned either by the code of practice or by a filtering software. For example organisations such as schools and colleges will have a software filter to ban their students in going on untrusted website this is to limit the viruses accessing the computer systems. There are limited internet uses for personal purpose.

Organisations that provide their own web server have often strict rules to what can be posted on the server. The IT administrators that run the servers will be the first to detect misuse on their system.

Operational Issues Security of information users of the computer system will depend on their ICT department to keep its information secure. This is safe from unauthorised and unexpected access. The management of the organisation is responsible to pick who can look at and update information.

For example the management of a school will only allow the technicians to update the systems. Backups will benefit the users in case of physical or software problems. The backups can include a full system or particular information back up.

For example if the hard drive fails on a computer system the users will not have lost all of their documents as they can restore the back up to the system and gain all of the documents back.

The IT department should perform recover and restore frequently. This is so when installing new software or upgrading software, during it other programs or files are not damaged if so they could perform a restore of the system. Health and Safety there are rules within an organisation that apply to the position of screens and monitors this is to reduce eye strain or damage to the eyes.

Chairs, table, keyboard and mice should also be positioned right. For example in an office users on the computer should have lumber support, to prevent lower back problems. P4 — Describe the features and functions of information systems What data would you need to store, how is it input into the system and how would you make sure in was entered correctly?

The data imputed to the system must be correct to in order for the output information to be correct. The information the business will require the customer to fill in are things addresses and credit card details.

This information allows the business to receive the payment for the purchase and is able to send the item to the address. Business can validate the information by providing the customer with the correct field of information.Supply Chain KPIs are Essential – The Right Ones!

The information on this page WILL help you get it right. Many people get really confused about KPIs or Key Performance Indicators in Logistics and Supply Chain operations.

Abbeywood Community School Edexcel Applied ICT. Search this site. Home. Basics. Deadlines. Unit 1. Standard Ways of Working. Unit 2. Transactional Websites. Back Office Processing. Threats to customer data. Database. Evaluation. You need to produce an evaluation that measures the success of the product and your own performance.

Make a Game in Scratch Page 4 of 24 Unit 5 Make a Game Essential Question: Why is learning to code important? In this unit students learn to create a game using the visual programming language Scratch. Edexcel GCE Applied ICT Unit 2: The Digital Economy.

Self-assessment Review An evaluation of the performance of the database and your own performance on this unit. Documents Similar To edexcel Unit Les Miserables - Theories of Development.

My own performance ict unit 2

Uploaded by. You must complete your evaluation of all the activities in the CAB. Check that you have completed your reviews for Activities 1, 2 and 3. Complete this evaluation about your finished products and your own performance..

A toolbox for analysing political texts Cost of goods sold Total logistics cost Cross-functional KPIs should be constructed in such a way that each function can see its contribution towards the overall supply chain performance.
Evaluation - Abbeywood Community School Edexcel Applied ICT Incentives in Manufacturing Sector manufacturing license from miti if applicable ; c company has been in operation for at least 36 months; d the automation equipment is used directly in the manufacturing activities; e the automation equipment should enhance the productivity such as reducing man hours, reducing workers and increasing volume of output and to be verified by sirim; Incentives in Services Sector a incentives for investments show allhide all incentives in services sector in malaysia, tax incentives, both direct and indirect, are provided for in the promotion of investments actincome tax actcustoms actsales tax actexcise act and free zones act

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