Nut task 2 emr systems

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Nut task 2 emr systems

Nurses are aware that the electronic management systems can enhance the quality of care a patient receives. Electronic medical records can make practice guidelines available at the bedside and better organize patient information such as medical history, current medications and test results.

There is no need to search through a huge file looking for laboratory results, which is time consuming and can be frustrating.

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Healthcare providers get real-time information on their patients and this is valuable in any emergent situation. Real-time information is also important when discharging a patient. They are helpful in improving care outside the facility through disease tracking systems that can identify potential problems.

These tracking systems can also remind providers of upcoming vaccinations, pap smears, and mammograms which assist providers in managing their patients who have complex or chronic diseases. EMR can reduce or eliminate treatment, procedure and medication errors.


Electronic prescriptions and orders are safer for the patient because spelling errors no longer occur. The system can alert a health care provider of medication allergies, drug interactions and dangerous medication reactions with the click of a mouse. As nurses have observed, proper training of the healthcare team is essential to Quality of Care.

Extensive training is mandatory. To fully integrate an EMR system requires time and attention. Successful implementation of an EMR is the first step to proficient use.

Proper training can help nurses contribute and use their proficiency to deliver the best bedside care to their patient. Active Nursing Involvement Nurses are critical members of the healthcare team.

Nurses need to be involved from the very beginning of the process of adopting EMR for private offices or EHR programs for hospital-wide use. Nurses should be consulted on the use of work-stations versus hand-held devices such as iPads, laptops or tablets. Experienced nurses can assist in choosing a program that will improve efficiency within the organization.

Nurses need to be involved in the training programs for the new EMR. Super-users should be identified and be thoroughly trained so they can be a resource to the nursing and ancillary staff.

The nursing staff will relate more easily to a nurse super-user as they are learning the system. If nurses are not involved in the decision process, this can lead to issues of an EMR being implemented which does not serve the needs of the nursing staff.

This can cause poor acceptance and frustration during implementation. These devices offer nurses more quality time with their patients.

Nut task 2 emr systems

The nurse will have patient information at her fingertips. This alone can save immeasurable time and offer the nurse more time at the bedside. This in turn enhances patient satisfaction.

These handheld devices serve to deliver quality care and improve patient outcomes. Johnson, Along with changes in how data is collected and stored, these handheld devices change the way a nurse interacts with her patient.

A nurse can chart while educating and treating her patients.

Nut task 2 emr systems

Security Standards The safety of patient data is a priority that cannot be downplayed. Patients worry about their private medical information and trust that it will be kept private. Private medical information disclosures must now be tracked.

Patients now have control as to who can have access to their medical information. This act now provides stringent, structured protection of EMR compared to paper charts due to the risks associated with data collection and storage. With electronic records inappropriate access manifests itself in different ways.

An authorized used can violate the use conditions. Or a vengeful employee can try to access unauthorized information then damage a system or disrupt operations.

At Bakersfield Family Medical Center, an employee is given specific access to only the areas of the EMR they work with as needed by their position. Physical safeguards involve educating the staff. Keeping your log-in or password to yourself.Nut Task 2 - Part 2. Nursing Informatics Task Two: Implementation of an EMR Jessica Johnson, RN Thursday, July 26, 1 Implementation of the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Thursday, July 26, 2 How the EMR System Benefits Nurses • Patient?

s entire record, potentially from birth, at your? ngertips ” Nurses will no longer need to . The most comprehensive list of manufacturing terms, definitions and Acronyms on the internet. Through integrating with EMR systems, the production of the SPD can be made more efficient (up to 20%) while also improving the quality of care on a per patient basis.

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NUT Task 2, EMR Systems Essay capabilities. While the cost of Meditecha makes it an appropriate option for both small and large facilities, EPIC is found most often in larger facilities and medical organizations, with a cost that reflects its larger scope.

Task Discuss an original presentation to introduce the new EMR system to staff on you unit. In your Presentation: 1. Discuss how access to information is important to the delivery of nursing care, specifically how the .

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