Organising travel and accommodation

This unit contains employability skills. Elements and Performance Criteria Pre-Content Elements describe the essential outcomes of a unit of competency. Performance criteria describe the performance needed to demonstrate achievement of the element.

Organising travel and accommodation

Executive assistants and PAs responsible for managing a large business travel programme, may most of the time have the support from a professional corporate travel management company. However, when it comes to arranging business trips for your executive travellers, it is often down to the executive PA or administrative assistant to identify the best business travel solutions for flights, hotel rooms and ground transport arrangements.

Having Organising travel and accommodation right business travel planning checklist and understanding the needs of your executive travellers can save you time, reduce stress related to organising business trips and save your company money.

At the same time, you make life easier for your executive travellers, who often travel long distances and have to show up for meetings — no matter what! Identify and understand traveller needs In most cases your VIP executive travellers will have a clear idea of their business trip.

Start by making a plan or travel itinerary, based on the essential questions of who, where, when, what Organising travel and accommodation how. Your travel management company should have stored this information for you. If you are doing DIY then consider creating traveller profiles, at least for your most frequent travellers, so you have them at hand for future bookings.

Also, remember to consider potential differences in time zones and indicate both the one at origin and at the business travel location. Know your company travel policy, budget and loyalty programmes Your business travel policy, budget and loyalty programmes may impact on which airline, hotel and car hire companies you choose.

Travellers who are a member of frequent flyer programmes can benefit from travel class upgrades, priority check-in and can access airport lounges.

Car rental loyalty programmes typically include incentives such as fast collection and drop off options, vehicle upgrades or links to airline or hotel benefits. Check with your corporate travel management company as they usually monitor your travel policy, and can help you find the best business travel solutions for your executive travellers ensuring they stay within your company travel policy whilst having a productive and stress-free business trip.

This way you can reduce stress, as you can work your way through the list, being calm and not forgetting anything. Communications In your business travel planning, you should also gather information on what kind of communication options will be needed and how to optimise them in terms of quality and cost.

You may want to check the roaming offers of the mobile phone service supplier in your country and also the ones by providers at the destination to make sure you find the best solution.

This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to organise domestic and overseas business travel, including developing associated itineraries, booking travel and accommodation, preparing travel related documentation and making travel arrangements. Welcome to Jets4Pets. Jets4Pets was created in order to answer the needs of many of our clients - to provide flexibility and choice in pet travel solutions. Accommodation is a concern of every traveller, whether looking for a place to pitch a tent or a luxury suite in a fancy resort. Booking accommodation, dealing with the vast array of accommodation options, and considering alternative lodging options are all issues that travellers face.

This also includes considerations regarding safe internet connections and usage of laptops. Make sure you keep checking on potential changes regarding meetings, itinerary plans and other schedules, including changes to flight times.

CfA - Organise business travel and accommodation

Check regularly via phone and online for updates and changes. This way you have the latest information at hand helping you, for example, to ensure executive travellers are in time for their flight and are not losing valuable time waiting at the airport.

Organising travel and accommodation

Consider buying refundable tickets In business plans can change quickly, and so do business travel plans. Meetings are often cancelled at the very last minute, and new meetings may be arranged.

It depends on the type of travel and the distance to the destination amongst others, but purchasing refundable tickets where possible, can save costs and ensures your company does not lose all the money spent on tickets if a business trip is cancelled or plans change.

Brief your executive business travellers Compile an essential Info Pack with information your executive business traveller will need during the trip, including the full and detailed chronological schedule, tickets, luggage information based on chosen providers incl.

It could include information on the local language and maybe contact information for an interpreter, information regarding the local culture and according business manners, public holidays, the climate and weather, health considerations e.

Just be prepared to deliver that perfect travel assistance that makes a big difference regarding efficiency and eases the stress of the executive traveller. Working closely with your travel management company continually pays off.

Especially when your travellers are caught up in force majeure and their flight is cancelled due to adverse weather, a strike or technical fault. Corporate travel management companies Working with a reliable travel management company can save you time and your company money!

Because corporate travel management companies, help you find the best available fares, secure consolidated fares or special deals, alongside pro-active advice and access to easy to use online travel booking tools enabling you to view real-time flight information and compare fares.

VIP executive business travel solutions from Flightline Travel As a well-experienced independent corporate travel management company we are here to support you and to ensure you are up-to-date regarding all you want and need to know throughout our contractual relationship.

Flightline business travel agents help you to get the most for your budget.This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to organise domestic and overseas business travel, including developing associated itineraries, booking travel and accommodation, preparing travel related documentation and making travel arrangements.

Organising travel and accommodation

K1. A working knowledge of how to organise business travel and accommodation effectively and efficiently. K2. A working knowledge of the main types of travel and accommodation arrangements you may need to make and the procedures you should follow.

K3. A working knowledge of why it is important to confirm a brief and budget for travel and. BSBADMA Organise business travel Date this document was generated: 26 May • accommodation guides • travel vouchers • business schedule • Collecting, analysing and organising information – to identify travel requirements.

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If the company has its own or contracted travel service, air mileage accounts, seating preference, passport and visa expiration dates, company and personal credit card information and any special dietary needs will be in the executive’s travel profile.

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Contact Author. Administrative support is also needed whilst planning and organising a meeting (refer to question 3 for what they help with). Organising Meetings.

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