Rip mitch lucker

My role model, my inspiration, my favorite deathcore vocalist Mitch Lucker of Suicide Silence was claimed dead earlier this morning. I didn't find out about his death until 2: At first I was like this can't be Mitch Lucker that they're talking about but a few minutes later I found out it was him. Of course he doesn't remember me, but still.

Rip mitch lucker

Ironically, the Internet has a short memory. It's ironic because of the subject matter I'm about to discuss: The very likely prospect that Donald Trump has Alzheimer's.

I was reminded today of how brief the Internet's collective memory goes when I tried to find an anecdote that I vividly remember from Bob Dole's presidential campaign against Bill Clinton.


The anecdote, part of an article I'd read 22 years ago, was about how shamelessly Dole tried to get the endorsement of Ronald Reagan, then deep in the throes of his own dementia.

Dole had pressed his book on Reagan, which was of course displayed front and center for the equally shameless photo op. Then Reagan said something startling- "I read your tree. He mentioned the associative leaps they at times make when trying and failing to find the word they're looking for.

In President Reagan's mind, books were made of paper and paper comes from trees, two associative leaps, in order to describe the book that had been thrust into his hand for a cheap endorsement.

What Ronald Reagan said about reading Dole's "tree" was actually typical of those with the dreaded disease. I give you Donald Rip mitch lucker Trump, lost in Paradise.

Trump was finally convinced to go to the scene of the latest disaster to be mismanaged on his watch, which he avoids as strenuously as going to war zones hosting our troops. Everywhere he shows up in those places of woe, he invariably, every single time, manages to embarrass the victims he pretends to comfort and his hosts.

We all know Trump is a sociopath. There's no doubt about it. He gave us Rip mitch lucker clue as to how much of a sociopath he is in a Howard Stern radio interview he'd given a decade ago when a fellow billionaire was sitting next to him at a ball at Mar-a-Lago and had a medical emergency.

He fell off the stage, hit his head and the old man was bleeding profusely. Trump told Stern his reaction was not to get the man some medical help because that's not what he's about but, "Oh my God, someone get him out of here. Think about similar comments he made about Mika Brzezinski and, less than two months into his campaign, Megyn Kelly.

What happened in Paradise,California over the weekend was extraordinary in more than just Trump forgoing his usual weekend golf outing in Mar-a-Lago for something vaguely presidential. These photo ops that always feature dour-faced Governors and Mayors and in which no one reasonably expects the president to do anything more constructive than to show a baseline of compassion and leadership, is generally considered one of the easiest parts of a president's job.

Not ever, in fact. The mainstream media and amateur pundits alike made merry over that extremely awkward moment, calling it karma for daring on the campaign trail to mock Marco Rubio for having his own awkward moment with bottled water a few years earlier. I saw something else in it that alarmed me much more than Trump having yet another WWE trash-talking moment during his own campaign.

If you go to Alzheimer. The usually reliable WebMD site lists 14 more signs, one of them being, "Mild coordination problems, such as trouble writing or using familiar objects. Trump's own "Watergate" showed a noticeable lack of fine motor function, whereas Senator Rubio's own moment was just awkward timing and an inconvenient thirst while delivering a rebuttal under hot studio lights.

Fast forward to this weekend. There "President" Donald Trump stood, his camouflage USA hat screwed on his careful combover, his hands on his hips, trying to look like someone in charge but only succeeding in looking like Clark Kent in the disguise of a punch-drunk deer hunter who'd just fallen out of his blind.

Outgoing Governor Jerry Brown stood beside him as Donald Trunmp stood in the charred ruins of what used to be Paradise, California, the community of 20, that was wiped out by the worst wildfire in California history, and called the now defunct town "Pleasure.

Poor Governor Brown almost did a double take when Trump first called it "Pleasure. Yet this wasn't a case of Trump being too incurious about learning the name of the fire-ravaged town in which he stood. He honestly couldn't remember it.

Fuck the Goldwater Rule. And those of you old to remember the last days of the Nixon administration in which Nixon rattled around the empty halls of the White House mumbling to oil portraits of his predecessors will know that at least in that instance, life imitated art.

Ironically, it was Nixon himself who was the first to invoke the 25th Amendment when Vice President Agnew resigned under a cloud of scandal and, less than a year later, President Gerald Ford became the second to invoke it by naming a Vice President, Nelson Rockefeller, to fill the void he'd created by replacing Nixon.

But those two times, the 25th Amendment was invoked just for one of its intended purposes, which was to establish and solidify the Rules of Succession. But the 25th Amendment also provides a policy for a president who is deceased or otherwise unable to fulfill the duties of the office.

Donald Trump has provided us with many reasons to invoke it yet, horridly, neither party publicly seems willing to even consider invoking it despite the fact we have in the Oval Office a man who can't even drink from a water bottle without both hands or is capable of completing a sentence or remember the name of the disaster area he's visiting.

Indeed, at this point it's almost as if mocking Donald Trump is cruel and verges on elder abuse were it not for the awesome power still in his shaky grasp. And quite a few modern day Republicans' sanity have been seriously questioned, often for good reason.

It really started when Barry Goldwater was preparing to run into a buzz saw called Lyndon Johnson and a progressive electorate in When Goldwater suggested we use nuclear weapons on North Vietnam, psychologists in the press began to seriously question the Arizona senator's mental fitness for office.Mitch Lucker’s death has encapsulated his work in timeless youth and through his family and his music and his fans he’ll live on young forever.

RIP. Mitch Adam Lucker RIP Mitch Lucker, you will be missed by many — Century Media (@centurymedia) November 1, #RipMitchLucker Our thoughts are with his family, friends and band do the same.

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Mar 5, In loving memory of the great Mitch Lucker (Mitchell Adam Lucker) and everything that he stood for in his short lived life. You are missed so much.

Rip mitch lucker

I got in to The Agony Scene shortly before the release of The Darkest Red and saw them live back in l. I met Mike Williams and he was the nicest guy, took pictures with me and kept handing me the microphone during their set.

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