Social work case studies for students

For the social worker, working in indigenous communities can be quite a challenge. It has been common practice in social work education to present the student with a folder of case studies from which to learn. Bu today's students prefer and thrive on more stimulating learning materials such as videos.

Social work case studies for students

Events Case Study 1 Vicky is in her mid-fifties and is divorced with a grown-up family.

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Much to her delight, they are now providing her with much-longed-for grandchildren. While she has friends and some family round about with whom she has regular contact, Vicky lives on her own.

Her interests include gardening, theatre, literature - both reading and writing herself - as well as her pets and her faith. Vicky has a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia and has spent a lot of time in the Royal Edinburgh Hospital over the years due to prolonged periods of poor mental health.

She had to give up work a number of years ago because of this. Vicky has been receiving daily support for about three years. One of the things Vicky receives support with is doing her weekly shopping.

Social work case studies for students

Crowded places heighten her paranoia, making her think that people are talking about her. You arrive at the house expecting Vicky to be ready to go, but instead she is pacing up and down, looking really distressed. When you ask what is wrong, she tells you there's no point in going shopping.

When you ask why not, she tells you she won't need it, as the voices are reminding her what a bad person she is and that she doesn't deserve to live any more. You then notice that she has emptied all her medication into a pile on the coffee table.

You know that Vicky has obeyed her voices in the past, taking potentially fatal overdoses. When well, Vicky has very trusting relationships with all those involved in her support, especially you, but she finds it difficult to trust anyone when she is unwell.

She has resolved not to go to hospital ever again. Questions What are you thinking? What is worrying you? What is the first thing you are going to do or say? How do you ensure that Vicky is kept safe and still respect her wishes and feelings? Do you have any right to intervene? All our courses will be of use in working out what to offer here, however our Social Work: Policy and Legal Frameworks will be of particular use.

Recommended reading on this course includes: Our other course Working With Complexity in Social Work 1 will also provide you with the knowledge and values to intervene helpfully. Social Work, Aug ; The social worker and the family decided it would be best for their mother to take a visit over the weekend to see a medicine man on the reservation.

The social worker also found some additional resources for the family including a caretaker. Interactive Cases Select one of the six cases below to begin. Students and instructors have full access to each case without logging in, but by .

Social Work: Study : Case Study 2

Case Study 2 The Duty senior social worker is contacted by Police in East Lothian who have received information from the child's grandmother Mrs T. Mrs T told them that she cares for Jenny every weekend and at bedtime she noticed bruising to Jenny's foot that went from the top through to the sole.

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et al (eds.). You have been asked to consult with a group from the Mapledale School system, comprised of business people, police, social workers, teachers, parents, administrators, and student representatives (Middle School, High School, and Community College).

A day in the life of an Advanced Social Work Practitioner. By Katie Pemberton I’m an Advanced Practitioner working with children and families who are experiencing difficulties or living chaotic lives and need the help and support of Children’s Services.

Social Work: Study : Case Study 1