Stem project

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Stem project

The composer Andrea Pittini came all the way to Leiden, the Netherlands to hand it to us personally. The song Regenerate will be available on iTunes from September In order to create awareness for our project amongst the general public we have set up a website and a Facebook page.

Both media are visited quite frequently and we receive questions, comments and suggestion from people all over the world. Recently we received a very remarkable message which elated us all.

We were contacted Stem project Andrea Pittini who enquired if we were willing to accept a donation for the STELLAR project and if he could in any way help create awareness for the project.

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Given the unusual and lovely nature of Stem project message we contacted Andrea and this is his story: At a young age he was diagnosed with small vessel vasculitis.

There is little knowledge among GPs. This needs to change so awareness creation is important. Also the kidney failure which can happen overnight is hard to foresee and treat and time is of the essence when inflammation occurs.

His challenge is to make other people aware of the disease and create awareness for the research performed in the hope that other people will be better off and do not have to suffer the problems he went through.

Stem project

When he graduated from his studies in public relations and communication, he and his family plus friends wanted to make a donation for a good cause. They picked STELLAR because the research objectives sounded good and he hopes that the output of the project will be successful so that patients suffering from kidney disease can be cured.

Andrea is a classically trained pianist and creative musician. He loves to express his feelings through music and explore new ways to compose and produce songs https: We are grateful for his donation and excited about the song.

As soon as the song is finished we will post it on our Facebook page.

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These are the delights of dissemination. The whole team gathered in the beautiful city Florence in Italy to discuss the scientific progress of the project.

Paola Romagnani, our host, opened the first session explaining the model systems that she and her group have been working on and which will be used in the remainder of the project. All scientific work packages were discussed by various members of the consortium.

Great progress has been made towards culture protocol development, bioreactor design and fundamental insight into the function of kidney derived mesenchymal stromal cells.

Critical decisions will be made on how to proceed with the tasks in the various work packages to ensure that the project outcome will be successful.

This combined knowledge is crucial in unraveling the potential of kidney derived MSC to counteract the development of end stage renal disease. In the Netherlands 6. Dialysis is merely a way to add a number of years to the life of a patient.

There is currently no cure for patients suffering from chronic kidney disease. Ground breaking research is dearly needed to counteract this unmet medical need.

Ton Rabelink discussed two options that could potentially deliver new treatments for kidney patients: MSC isolated from bone marrow are currently tested on small groups of patients in clinical trials. This collaborative effort is very fruitful. Our Australian partners have succeeded in producing kidney cells from stem cells.

Through this collaborative effort knowledge obtained by researchers in Australia will be combined with the knowledge present in the European labs to speed up translation and implementation of newly discovered treatment methods to the clinic.Official Site of the Minneapolis Public Schools.

Girls in Engineering, Mathematics, and Science (GEMS / Little GEMS) and Guys in Science and Engineering (GISE / Jr. GISE) are after-school and summer programs designed specifically for K-8th grade girls and boys . Nuffield STEM Futures.

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Cross-curricular skills-based project work for year-olds based on the theme of sustainability. You can download the free films. 31 grant funded projects are underway, each taking a unique perspective on how we approach science and theology on college campuses and in churches. heatherwankum /wp-content/uploads//07/steve-spangler.

The kids always look forward to the annual egg drop project!If you’re unfamiliar with this popular STEM activity, the challenge is for kids to design a contraption using various materials (usually recyclables) to protect a raw egg from a high fall.

At Project Scientist we're fostering today's scientists who will lead the world in solving tomorrow's greatest challenges! Our promise is to educate, coach, and advocate for girls and women with an aptitude, talent, and passion for STEM.

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