The bridge at dong ha essay

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The bridge at dong ha essay

This talks about a marine who took on a huge mission in nineteen-seventy two. The book informs you on the mission that the marine took on in his trip overseas.

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The written in nineteen-eighty nine but this event is still being talked about today. John Grider Miller wrote this book to tell you about what this marine did and how heroic he was for doing such a thing.

He wrote this book, because it shows that the people that protect our country will do anything to keep us safe and to keep the country free. The author explains what he did and how he did it in detail. What the author was trying to say in this book is that our military is willing to do anything to keep our country as safe as possible no matter the circumstances.

This book talks about the danger and the problems the marines went through when they were overseas fighting for the country they love. In conclusion, this book was fantastic.

This book explains all the things that happened to this marine when he was overseas in Vietnam. It shows how serious things were in the middle of war and in firefights. In my opinion this book could not be any better with the way it was written and the story that was told. This book took everything really slow and gradually got into the point of the book.

Overall this book was fantastic. Recently I saw something on facebook about Ripley that sparked my interests to read more about Ripley and this book was what I picked up to learn more about Ripley and the famous incident with the bridge at Dong Ha. It was a treat for me to re This book tells the story of the Marine legend John W.

It was a treat for me to read this book. I was blown away pun intended with what Ripley accomplished against overwhelming odds. His story is one of courage, commitment and mission above self. Instead this book focuses on the events leading up to the mission to blow up the bridge to deny the North Vietnamese forces the ability invade South Vietnam with tanks and other weapons platform.

Early in the book the author situated the mission in the context of where the war was at during that time in This was a time when most American combat units were departing Vietnam and John Ripley was one of the few American advisors to South Vietnamese forces. Ripley was specifically attached to the South Vietnamese Marines and I thought the book did a good job of letting readers know just how dedicated and good the specific outfit was.

Contrary to the myth not all South Vietnamese military units was bad. Led by Major Binh this particular Marine Battalion has been battle tested and displayed incredible valor and combat effectiveness.

Just two company of Marine infantry and a few tanks stood in the way of the massive North Vietnamese forces which consisted of 30, men and over tanks. To make the situation worst many regular South Vietnamese army units was deserting en massed.

Ripley then made the decision to rig over pounds of explosives to a massive bridge in a mission that took over three hours. Ripley had to climb below the bridge all the while being exposed to the enemy attacks. It is an incredible story of guts and resolve. While it is a story of intense courage nevertheless the book also portray a human side to the conflict in Vietnam.

The descriptions of the Vietnamese refugees fleeing the fighting shows the keen eye Ripley has for the suffering civilians. These moments in the book made me realized that Ripley is the example of what General Mattis describe Marines as: No better a friend, no worst an enemy.

The book also has a few sketches throughout the book that definitely helps readers to get a better imagination of what was happening.

The map in the beginning of the book was also helpful as it situates where the story was taking place and also what was going on in the surrounding areas.

Overall an incredible read. The enemy is advancing swiftly and Ripley must go out, exposed to gunfire, and blow up the Dong Ha Bridge along with barely anyone by his side. The author wanted readers to notice the noble and heroic deeds our soldiers do to keep our country safe.

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The one little fact or statement made by Vice Admiral Stockdale and Mr. Miller about Col. Ripley crossing the Dong Ha bridge five years before , can not be right. We did not complete the bridge until , but the old French bridge was there. After All These Years, , Whatever you do will remain with you forever, by Dennis L.

The bridge at dong ha essay

Hodo. Control of that one bridge would open the South for further exploitation. At a minimum, the turnover of Dong Ha would assure the loss of the northern provinces. The allied unit closest to the gathering storm at Dong Ha was the Vietnamese Third Marine Battalion.

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