Understanding the events of the infamous salem witch trials

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Understanding the events of the infamous salem witch trials

Salem was divided into two classes: Economic troubles, a difficult climate, resentment between neighbors, and a few children with a possible fungal infection led to mass hysteria.

Historian investigates the history of witchcraft prosecution

The farmers were barely scraping by, while the merchants were relatively unaffected. Other stressful conditions in Salem included smallpox, fear of the indigenous people, and English and French troops battling in the American colonies. Accusations of witchcraft had been common in Europe for a long time—roughly a million people had been tried and executed as witches since the thirteenth century.

People accused of witchcraft were convenient scapegoats, and for many Salem citizens in that time period, it was reasonable to assume that dark magic was responsible for their misfortune.

Inwhen two young girls began suffering from terrifying fits of screaming and seizures, the doctor declared them to be victims of witchcraft.

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The finger-pointing began, and the hysteria mounted. It took about a year for the people to come to their senses, and by then, nineteen people and two dogs!The Salem Witch Trials were a difficult and dark chapter in the history of the United States of America. These historical trials began in May and spanned around 15 months, taking place in villages in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Study of Fifteenth Century Criminal Records Reveals the Origins of the Witch-Hunt A dark but iconic moment in U.S. history, the Salem witch trials of , are taught in American schools to educate students about religious extremism and the judicial process.

Salem was divided into two classes: the Puritan families, who relied on agriculture to survive, and the wealthy merchants on the other side of town. The world’s climate had been colder than. To mark the th anniversary of the Salem witch executions, we look back at the victims of the Salem Witch Trials and the mass hysteria that led to their deaths.

Understanding the events of the infamous salem witch trials

On September 22, , eight. Children. The witchcraft crisis in Essex County, Massachusetts in has long been known for its unusual list of accused witches.

The high proportion of men accused of witchcraft in the crisis has been noted by historians for decades, as has the unusual preponderance of wealthy, influential citizens and upstanding church members.

Witch Trials of Dating back to , Charter to leave with a better understanding of the events that took place in the summer of , an appreciation for the legal and after the infamous Salem Witch Trials. Shot on location at many of the actual sites associated with the trials, and featuring re-enactors speaking the words.

Understanding the events of the infamous salem witch trials
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