Why diesels make sense

History[ edit ] Adaptation of the diesel engine for rail use[ edit ] Diagram of Priestman Oil Engine from The Steam engine and gas and oil engines by John Perry Petrol-electric Weitzer railmotorfirstseries The earliest recorded example of the use of an internal combustion engine in a railway locomotive is the prototype designed by William Dent Priestmanwhich was examined by Sir William Thomson in who described it as a "[Priestman oil engine] mounted upon a truck which is worked on a temporary line of rails to show the adaptation of a petroleum engine for locomotive purposes. Following the expiration of Dr. Rudolf Diesel's patent inhis engine design was successfully applied to marine propulsion and stationary applications.

Why diesels make sense

See you soon for an oil change too by the way Scott name October 5, at Nor does it prevent electrical failures or problems with the fuel system, etc.

Changing the oil more frequently than twice a year just wastes oil no matter how you drive. Justin Stobb October 5, at 7: You also wont like my response to your post but its intended to educate not offend. A contributing factor to gasket and seal failure on a Subaru due to the design of the H or boxer engine is contaminated fluids.

A real lack of understanding about how well or rather how poorly the combustion chamber is sealed away from the crankcase and what happens when fuel is mixed with oil and the diluted oil is circulated around the engine is common place through out the industry. Poor some gas on a rubber seal or better yet dip a rubber seal in a container of oil and gas mixed and tell me what happens over time.

Fuel is a Why diesels make sense that deteriorates seals, corrosion from old coolant will cause gasket, seal and block damage. I truly attempt to educate about why oil is the cheapest insurance you will ever buy. Old oil affects seals and gaskets, friction thus engine wear, fuel economy and the performance of the entire drive train.

It is one of the first things you learn if you receive formal education rather than just on the job experience. Its called counting your nickels only to have 50 dollar bills fly a way. The parts in a car are all made the same way, assembled mostly by machine and have exacting standards, the only variable is the use of the vehicle after purchase.

There are some cars that have defective components but that is a whole different conversation. When I plead with Owners across the country to change their oil, check there oil and take responsibility for all of the aspects of car ownership its so there are no surprises, no major mechanical failures, no financial hardships.

Planning on changing your oil twice a year and driving the vehicle in a way that dictates more maintenance than that is just a repair waiting to happen, either to you or worse the next owner. Justin Tomasz Jarzecki January 28, at 1: So far, so good.

After reading your posts I am considering switching to K oil changes.

Why diesels make sense

I am also thinking of switching back to conventional oil to offset some of the cost. Justin Stobb January 30, at Oil is one of those things that everyone has an opinion about, I like blend oil done every to miles.

Followed by Synthetic and the same interval, the Subaru oil filter is just to small to let it stay on for much longer than that. Some people will just change the filter, but I am not a huge fan of that either. Its a piece of machinery and the less friction the rotating mass incurs the better off it will be, I use that one rule and that one rule only.

VW's electric economies of scale

Everything else gets clouded in the conversation about oil and intervals. There for example are many on the WRX forums who hate Mobil 1 and feel it caused rod bearing failure in their engine.

I personally like Mobil one but not as much as I like Motul and Enos, which is why our shop stocks the later 2 choices.The Fate of the Furious will be released worldwide on April 14, , and here are the latest updates. EnviroVent™ Crankcase Ventilation (CCV) for Cummins Marine Diesels.

With electric range well below 20, each of these 14 plug-in hybrids are compliance plays. We'd suggest you cross them off your list and consider instead.

Jan 12,  · In most countries south of the border, diesel makes perfect sense. Unlike in America where people up high noticed that diesel was a necessity you couldn’t get rid of and increased taxes accordingly, diesel is actually quite approachable here.

Petrol Fiat X is fun to drive and makes much more sense than the top-spec diesel. Engine braking occurs when the retarding forces within an engine are used to slow down a motor vehicle, as opposed to using additional external braking mechanisms such as friction brakes or magnetic brakes..

The term is often confused with several other types of braking, most notably compression-release braking or "jake braking" which uses a different mechanism.

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