Wipro report

Wipro was an early adopter of cloud technologies and had experienced the benefits of scalability, speed of application deployment, and elimination of hardware refreshes. It had also seen a reduction in operational cost from moving to the cloud. These tickets, which are routed to departments such as IT support, human resources, and facilities management, cover a wide variety of requests.

Wipro report

Traditional data warehouse systems need constant upgrades in terms of compute and storage to meet these challenges. In this post, we provide insights into how AWS Premier Partner Wipro helped their customer a leading US business services company move their workload from on-premise data warehouse to Amazon Redshift.

This move enabled the company to reap the benefits of scalability and performance without affecting how their end users consume reports. Current data warehouse environment and challenges faced The customer was running commercial enterprise data warehouse that contained aggregated data from different internal reporting systems across geographies.

Their primary goal was to provide quick and accurate analytics to drive faster business decisions.

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The user base was distributed globally. Meeting this goal was difficult due to the following challenges: The data warehouse 5 TB was growing at over 20 percent year over year YoYwith higher growth expected in the future.

This growth required them to keep upgrading the hardware to meet the storage and compute needs, which was expensive. The Analytical Dashboard experienced performance issues because of the growing data and user base.

Wipro report

Licensing was based on CPU cores, so adding hardware to support the growth also required additional investment in licenses, further spiraling the costs. Using CDRS, they migrated 4. The architecture included Talend a data integration platform running on Amazon EC2 to extract data from various source systems for ongoing change data capture CDC and then load it to Amazon Redshift.

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Talend has several built-in connectors to connect to various sources and extract the data. The following diagram shows the architecture of this migration setup: Customers use AWS SCT to convert and migrate their schema objects table definitions, indexes, triggers, and other execution logic from legacy data warehouse platforms.

For more information, see the following posts: After migration, queries showed a 2. They also realized a 5x performance improvement while loading data to big tables. The following table lists the data load time for big or complex tables for the two environments.© HfS Research Ltd.

Excerpt for EY Confidential and Proprietary │Page 1 The Services Research Company HfS Blueprint Report: Enterprise Blockchain Services.

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What role is learning and development playing in supporting major organizational change? What is the impact of making L&D a priority in your organization? How are L&D programs adapting to changes business and even the workforce?

Wipro report

According to our report, organizations that view L&D as critical to business success are continuing to deliver top performance compared to their peers. Wipro Enterprises (P) Limited comprising of two main businesses namely Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting which includes soaps, toiletries, personal care products, baby care products, wellness products, electrical wire devices, domestic and commercial lighting and modular office furniture.

Wipro Ltd - Silent Attrition Prediction Model for Retail Banking. The Silent Attrition Prediction Model for Retail Banking was developed to identify the customers likely to churn silently within the next x months, to help retain valuable customers and to arrive at a foresight driven .

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