Write around the toon squad

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Write around the toon squad

Intuitive base building and battle mechanic Robust social features Engaging art style and writing The Bad Match-3 puzzles aren't innovative Imprecise multiplayer matchmaking With Clash of Clans-style base building and match-3 combat, Toon Squad from TangoMe adds a comical spin to two of the most popular genres on mobile.

The free-to-play game features a wacky cast of characters to battle or collect, irreverent dialogue, and an endearing cartoon art style. The overall tone is casual, but the game offers some strategic opportunities for those seeking deeper gameplay.

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Quite early in the building process, I could feel the tension of resource allocation. Each building upgrade was tightly tied to a series of other requirements that compromised my feeling of potential strategy or authority.

However, this structured pacing might appeal to those who are more interested in combat or collecting, without having to agonize about their base development. A strong team will include a mix of elements, as each Toon has certain combat strengths and weaknesses.

Though spinning for rare items is a notorious money pit in free-to-play games, I was pleasantly surprised to win rare Toon Sgt. Leaf on my first free spin.

write around the toon squad

As you acquire more Toons, your residence will fill up. You can offload weak or duplicate Toons by selling them for cash or using them to enhance a stronger teammate through fusion in the Laboratory. Toon Squad offers both multiplayer and single-player battle campaigns. You can also set your own battle pace as you move through the puzzles.

Defeating an enemy results in a Toon drop, which will quickly add value to your team. Though high-scoring combinations yield festive visual fanfare, the actual battle animation is amusingly stark.

The tiny Toons stand still until their turn, and then enact a quick jab with a spear or shoot a handful of bullets with varying damage based on the combos. Ultimately, however, battling is engaging and satisfying as you master new tactics against enemies and collect awarded Toons.

Build a Squad Headquarters H.


Chat includes Global, Squad and Private conversations that can be muted, along with Customer Service directly within the window. Multiplayer matching had some limitations, as I was alternately matched with teams much higher or lower than mine.

However, a small feature I appreciated was the ability to message to my opponent after battle, which made me feel a little better after their complete annihilation. Overall, Toon Squad offers an intuitive base-building experience with a casual, accessible battle mechanic.Keeping you up to date on the latest sports news from the UK and the World.

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